Watching girlfriend suck c***

I love watching my girlfriend sucking and licking other guys c****,playing with their b****,then taking c** loads in her mouth. We have done this several times and 4 times with 3 guys in a row .. Its hot,, I love it and she does too

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  • My girlfriend loves watching me do this. She has some well hung guys that f*** her when I'm at work. When I get home, she makes us compare d**** and shortest gets sucking...always me...

  • That is awesome. She too has me suck c***,then watch that c*** f*** her.
    2 weeks ago,the last time we did this,she made me take his c** load.I actually am looking forward to it again..

  • Wife and I have a cuckold relationship. Once a month we invite a friend of ours over to f*** her while I sit in the chair and watch. She sucks his d***, and he eats her p****. Then they f*** in various positions until they both c**. Then he goes home until the next month. Been doing this for several years. No more, no less.

  • My girlfriend and I were playing truth or dare this last weekend. She picked truth so I asked her to tell me her fantasy. To be clear, we had never discussed things like this because we haven't been dating long. Her response was shocking when she said she wanted to have a threesome. I immediately got all excited and asked her who she had in mind, her sister, her bff, her friend from school. I couldn't wait for her to tell me. Then she said no silly. I want to sleep with both you and another guy friend at the same time. I was all WTF. It definitely put an end to our date night. I have been on the internet now looking at this fetish and I have told her that I would be willing to try it as long as there is no GAY s***. So I'm waiting for her to let me know when it's set up.

  • I did this with my gf, it ended with us all playing with each other. He started stroking my d***, he had good technique and it felt nice, later he sucked it, then my gf wanted to see me suck him, I refused but she begged me and said I could go a*** on her if I did, so I sucked him for a bit, then f***** my gf in the ass while this guy stroked my a******. Then my gf wanted me to f*** this guy, by this point I thought that's not too bad so I f***** him in the ass while my gf masturbated. After my gf bedded some more, I let him put his d*** in my ass but then take it out, I didn't let him f*** me. We both f***** my girlfriend a lot, at the same time, switching ends,

  • No one cares f*****

  • Obviously you cared enough to comment.

  • Real nice you f****** tool,if you dont care,why comment ass wipe

  • I will tell you right now that if you are doing this expecting it to lead to a threesome with another woman next time you are mistaken.

  • Good luck.. Its fun

  • You are lucky you should take her all 3 at the same time

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