The smell of fabuloso all purpose cleaner takes me back... when I lost my virginity.

I was a junior in high school. We had this school custodian, this far Mexican woman who barely even spoke English. She was nice, but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t even in the country legally. Anyway the guys always made fun of her because she was so fat, and I was just as bad. Even the girls were pretty brutal to her. And she always smiled graciously and never objected to the ones who were rude to her. I admired that about her and slowly distances myself from actually making fun of her when my friends did.

So one night I was in a run down part of town with some friends. We were at a house party in some slum and sort of looking down on everyone there. I wasn’t drunk and I didn’t like how noisy it was so I walked outside and down the street to get some air. And h*** if I didn’t run into the custodian from our school. She was unloading a bag of groceries from her car and taking them inside. She recognized me and asked in very broken English what I was doing there.

I said I was at a party and she shook her head and said something in Spanish that as near as I could tell was something like “nothing good happens at these parties.” She insisted I come inside with her and I’d be safe from any trouble that the party a few houses down caused.

You can see where this is going. I went inside and we sat on her couch. Keep in mind I’m a 16 year old virgin and she was easily twice my age. I thought she was being a responsible adult and half expected her to tell me to call my parents for a ride home. Instead she scooted closer to me on the couch and put her arm around me. I was surprised but excited too. Then she touched me and pulled my face close to hers and kissed me. I kissed her back, not sure what else to do.

I was so skinny back then. I was maybe 135 pounds. She was easily three times that much weight. But at that moment I didn’t care, I was just excited at what appeared to be about to happen.

We continued to kiss and she groped me. I was so dumb and inexperienced I had no idea what to do. She had to sort of coach me. She put my hand on her massive t** and and the other on her fat stomach. Then I sort of got the idea and moved it around her body. I am proud to say I tugged at her shirt to get her undressed before she did it to me. She stood up and I was afraid I had crossed a line. Instead she pulled me up and led me to her bedroom. Her dirty laundry was piled everywhere and the place smelled like fabuloso all purpose cleaner. She used that stuff by the gallons at the school and for all I knew she had stolen the stuff I was smelling in her home.

So we get onto her bed and I am thinking “this isn’t how I pictured it.” I pictured losing my virginity to one of the girls from school in a very carefully planned night where everything was perfect. This was dirty and wrong: on some fat Mexican b****** unmade bed with her dirty panties piled up right next to me?

Not how I thought it would happen.

But sure enough she was pulling on my belt and pulling my jeans down. When she got me out of my drawers and exposed my aroused d*** she smiled and hinted she thought I was small.

I Was so insecure about size back then and worried so I asked if everything was ok and she said in her broken English that everything was fine and she would show me what to do.

She slid out of her panties and lay on her back, pulling me down between her legs where her fat p**** waited for me. I was so nervous but so excited. She spread her fat p**** as best as she could and I knew basically where my c*** was supposed to go. She had to guide me in. I think I lasted less than 5 minutes.

I could tell something was frustrating her (as an adult now looking back I now know it was because she didn’t get a chance to c** before I blew my own load) so I asked again if everything was ok. Again in her broken English she said it was fine and that it is hard because I was little and she was so fat. And maybe to try again in the morning.

I was so confused. But she turned off the light and put a head on my shoulder and we fell asleep. The next morning she taught me how to go down on a woman. I damn near suffocated in her fat p****.

The following week at school I was so nervous to see her. We made brief eye contact and she smiled and went about her work. Kids made fun of her weight and she pretended she didn’t understand them. All week this continued and it was awkward and gave me anxiety. On Friday night I told my parents I was going to the football game and instead went to her house. Smiled when she saw me and let me come in. We made it quick and I was in the stands at the game by halftime.

That was the start of my junior year. This little fling kept up in the shadows until I left for college. By then I had bulked up and without bragging too much, didn’t need the fat Mexican cleaning lady anymore.

Now I’m married and have a family. My wife recently needed a cheap all purpose cleaner to soak some sports gear in to get the smell of sweat out of it. She chose fabuloso. When she poured it into a bucket the smell of it brought me right back to that night in high school.

It made me smile. I asked my wife “what is that stuff.” She said “it’s fabuloso. It makes me think of Mexican cleaning ladies.” I’ll admit, there was a hint of snob in her voice and both her comment and tone made me laugh. Then i said “it smells pleasant. We should use it more often.”


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  • I'm happy you were nice to her.

  • Fantastic story, thanks for sharing. I got aroused by a woman wearing the same perfume as my girlfriend once at a bus stop in weehawken, but the fabuloso angle is much better! One of my faves on this site...

  • Some guys get the hot teacher and I guess the ones who don’t get the fat cleaning lady!

  • Great story friend. I hope things turned out good for her, like they have for you.

    You ever hear what happened to her?

  • No clue what happened to her. It was crazy, I never had an actual girlfriend in high school. She was my de facto girlfriend and was actually a bit possessive. By the time I graduated and went to college I was thrilled to be able to “break up” with her. Moved on and thankfully haven’t f***** a fat chick since. Kept my mouth shut though because ultimately didn’t want to get her in trouble.

  • This sounds like an awesome experience other than the cleaning lady’s weight. That would ruin it for me. Glad you enjoyed her though.

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