I fucking hate my stepdad

I fucking hate him. He makes my mom so sad and angry all the time and acts like he doesn't understand it. He's so fucking dirty and disgusting, I think he has some mental problems but never diagnosed them, and being with him makes everybody, even my friends, so uncomfortable. I can't see anything good in him, today he touched my personal stuff and now it's all dirty because his hands are fucking disgusting and greasy. He wasn't home when this happened but I swear I almost broke his wardrobe and his bed with my own hands. I want him to be out of this house, but my mom doesn't care. I always say that when I'll be 18 I'll be out of here but during my 16th year of life I have said every fucking day that I wanna die so badly, the desire just becomes more consistent every day and I can't hold on for much longer, please help please help please

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