Getting h**** in school

When I was in school, I would get super hard and h**** all the time. All the girls were so hot and you can’t see a fat ass without getting hard in class. One day I was super h**** cause of this double d t****** girl with a fat ass. No one was looking so I slipped both my hands in my sweatshirt to act like I was cold and put them in my pants and started jerking off. It never felt so good to c**. I did this a couple times in that class (never got caught) and it was probably like three or four times. That same girl was in a different class of mine so one day she walked in with the titightest pants. In that class, I sat in the very back with no around. We also were watching a film with all the lights out. I pulled my d*** out fully and just started beating it. No one saw and I came every where. It went all over the floors and luckily no one saw. Then next grade I did again but this time the girl sat right next to me. She had such big t*** and An even fatter ass. I also got hard and poked my d*** into someone’s ass when we were walking in the hallway. That’s it.

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  • I do this too,I sit next to a hot girl in English class she wears a thing and it sticks out.I like to rub my c*** and blow a load while she has no idea.

  • I dont ware panties to school ha

  • Good girl, once toilet trained all girls so go without panties until 14 so men can see the lovely bald p****

  • Didn't learn how to spell either.

  • Sweet.

  • Wellll

  • Love pulling my c*** in class

  • Yummy.!

  • Well

  • Even i can't control and i rub my d*** on their fat ass whenever i get a chance . They all should be fuckked

  • Im allnost 11 and finger myself in class sometime and my teacher is super hot and i dream about him

  • Let me know if you need help next time

  • I need help

  • Love to finger you how many can u take

  • Hot

  • No your not. You're a man paedo alert paedo alert

  • Ha ha I know I am you idiot everyone in llanbradach know me

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