Watch me have s**

Hubby and I have never been into kinky s** that involved others. We may even be the type you would call boring or mundane. We never have s** other than the bedroom and we never do anything other than normal s**. We have been married now for 5 years and I guess it just works for us.

My parents along with his live on the west coast. Hubby and I live in the midwest because that is where our careers took us. So for Christmas we decided to drive and see our parents. Along the way we stopped at a mom and pop hotel to spend the night. Hubby was feeling a little frisky and truth be told so was I. The lights were on when we started making out and I remember thinking we needed to turn those off, but in the heat of the moment I let that thought slip away as we stripped each others clothes off and started having passionate s**. We were in our normal position with hubby on top between my legs, but the only difference was we were above to covers. We finally finished up and hubby got up to walk in the bathroom when I noticed a man peeping in our window. The curtains we open just enough for him to watch and see everything. The foot of the bed faced the window so neither my husband nor I noticed, and from his view point I'm sure he got a very good look at my v***** when my legs were spread wide.

When I noticed him outside the window I screamed and covered myself. The stranger realized I had spotted him and took off before my husband was able to go out and confront him. Hubby was more upset than I was, and said he was going to call the police. I actually calmed him down and convinced him that we didn't even see the guy well enough to give a description to the police.

As the night continued on and we continued to talk (more like b****) about the peeping tom, I found myself actually getting turned on by the thought that a stranger had been watching us and saw me naked. I became so h**** that I came on to my husband and started sucking his d***, something that I just don't do. Now I imagine there are people watching us everytime we have s**, and I have been reaching o***** very quickly. I know this imagination of people watching us will eventually subside, but I don't want it to. I actually want to find people or figure out how to let others watch me having s**. There is only one major problem. I have yet to talk about this with my husband. I'm terrified of what he may think, or accuse me of doing something that I have not.
Anyone have any ideas for how to broach the subject with my husband?
I don't even know what the fetish is called.

Jan 13, 2019

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  • You’re an exhibitionist for sure.

    If you have a sexy body, there’s a good chance that your husband would like the idea of you showing off.

  • You're an exhibitionist. Next time you're fooling around, bring the subject of the peeping tom up. Laugh about it, and tell him you think the guy had got lucky that night. You may find that your husband might get turned on by you talking about it.

    If you want it to happen though, go slow. Just mention it every now and then. Give your husband time to come round to the idea.

    If you join a swinging site, there will be plenty of men who would happily watch you. Just be careful and use a hotel room instead of your own home.

  • Just tell him straight that it's something your into and he might just surprise you and be ok with it,does it turn you on if a guy jerks off?

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