Mother in law panties

I have always been attracted to my mother in-law from day one. I love the way she looks and dresses.every time I can I go through her washing to find her panties. Whenever I have a pair I get h**** as f***. I smell them and w*** as if I'm f****** her. Every time I catch eye contact with her I wish she would read my mind and f*** me. I always fantasize about eating her p**** and f****** the s*** out of her. I also wonder if she ever wants some young c*** inside her. I bet she would be the best f*** ever.

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  • I hear ya on that I'd love to f*** every hole my mother in law has hard and deep I dream about her every night one night I was f****** my wife and there is a picture of her mother by our bed I imagined that I was f****** her mom and thrusted in her so hard she said I was hurting her and I just keep going till we both came and then passed out to this day I still do this and have never told my wife

  • Well I have fvcked my mother-in-law once and once only. I wish it was more and that was last Saturday afternoon. She's the last person I thought would play up on her husband (who is my father-in-law obviously). How wrong am I ?. As I was fvcking her, she said she couldn't give a flying fvck if he walked in on us and caught us. I've always had the hots for her. I am 23, she is 42 and my wife is 21. She has a clean shaven cvnt, Her face is wrinkle free and i must say she is a glamor as she owns her hairdressing salon and makeup parlor. Isn't it strange that I can't even think now how she managed to seduce me. I think because she seduced me, I should be able to fvck her more often otherwise I will blackmail her.

  • You are sik..

  • I'm with ya on that J !
    I love huffing away on my mil's used nix!
    I swear I get high of them!

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