Stealing panties

Scent has always been important in my life. like i’d know when someone was in the same room because i could smell them. it was weird. i’d smell my friends just so i know who they were.

this all changed when i went to my older sister’s friend’s house. i thought she was really hot when we were both in middle school so going to her house would have been really cool. i had to use the bathroom and when i entered i saw a hamper next to the shower. my mind was going in circles and my heart started beating faster. i know i wasn’t being watched but i was so careful about what i was about to do. i slowly lifted the hamper cover and saw many articles of clothing, from my sister’s friend to her brother’s. soon enough i found a pair of white and brown cotton panties. they were near the top of the pile so they must have been fairly fresh. i just held them in my hands, how soft they were.

then i took one huge sniff.

my d*** was so hard and i was so wet. i never felt this sensation before. i think i was in 5th or 6th grade at the time and she was 2 grades above me. i realized how long i was taking so i quickly threw it back in and went back out.

i’ll never forget that experience. everytime i’d here that we were going to her house i would be so excited about what i’d find next. this time i planned on taking a couple.

we got to her house and i waited a bit before going to the bathroom. i went in and immediately when searching for good pairs. i took about 2 pairs that night. at the bottom of the hamper however i found a pair of volleyball shorts. i was so h**** that nite that i decided to c** in them. the thought of her wearing them after c****** on them made me go insane. after c****** one of the hugest loads i’ve ever done, i stuffed them back all the way down the hamper so that they wouldn’t be so apparent.

years past and we stopped going there. no more panties for me i thought so i just continued with my life.

until i met a new friend who happened to have a hot sister!

we would hang out a couple times and i would always see her room open, clothes on the floor. i thought to myself how easy it would have been to just steal some of her panties. but i didn’t. i was a bit older, like around 20, so i thought that if i ever got caught that s*** would have gone real bad. but the thrill and risk was still there.

so one night when i slept over, and no one was home except me and my friend, he had to go some where and said that he’d be back in an hour or so. this was my chance. once he left i stayed in his room for a bit just to make sure he wouldn’t come back inside. then i made my way into her room. i opened her closet and saw the hamper. lots of heavy clothes for some reason, like jeans and jackets. but i kept on. i found so many good pairs, i stuffed them in my jacket and put them in my bag. i was so shaky knowing that i’ve succeeded. once i got home i knew what fun i was going to have.

my addiction was back and i wanted more. but i knew that it would be a while for that kind of opportunity to happen again so i got careless. i would try every chance i had to get more panties. i saw a pair of shorts on the floor next to her open door and i quickly looked through them and found a pair. grabbed it and took it home.

one time i almost got caught. no one was home and my friend took his dog out. i quickly ran to her room and scavenged. didn’t find anything. then i heard the front door. i thought that i was done for. fortunately he went to the kitchen and i quickly ran out and pretended i was in his room putting my shoes on. after that i told myself never again. until this dreadful night.

friend took the dog out again. then went to the bathroom. i thought no one was home. it was dark so when i opened her door and turned on my flash light and heard her in bed say “hello?” my heart stopped and i panicked. she asked who was there and i said it was me. she said what’s up? and i panicked and said that i was looking for the dog and thought she went in here. then i apologized and went back to the living room.

in my head i was freaking out. it was over. she’s gonna phtthe pieces together and figure out it was me who took her missing panties. my friend got out the bathroom and asked why i went to his sisters room. i was freaking out and told him the same thing i told her. i think he bought it but at the same time i think he might have been thinking some thing else. i was so scared.

i left the his place and got into my car. i screamed the whole way back home thinking that my life was over and that my friend and his family would shame me for the rest of my life.

this happened this week and i have yet to recieve any questions or anything about it. now every time i go to his place, and his sister is home, i’d never feel the same way again.


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  • What a rush you must have had. Going through so many ranges of emotions. At least two times I have been caught red handed. One was by my wife and I had one of the neighbors panties and several years ago the woman who used to look after us after school caught me with a pair of her briefs to my nose and another pair wrapped around my c***. So I can say I have felt the same way you did.

  • I got to smell and lick a pretty 13 year old girl panties. I put them on my head while jerking off. Was so hard and shot a massive load.

  • Any updates? This is a great post.

  • Yes, it's SO different from the 8000 other fantasies about stealing or sniffing panties. Go find one and pretend it's an update, since it's the same idiot poster.

  • Good luck, man. The smell is too much for me, but I admit I've tried. I've taken some and masturbated with them later. I also found some hanging to dry on the back porch of one little hottie and came in the little pocket (gusset?) at the bottom of the panties, then carefully put them back. One thing you may want to try isf you're handy is putting a hidden cam somewhere so you can see/hear what their reaction to you is. Just be very very careful. I wish you the best in your panty hunts!

  • I'm a fellow sniffer,and I feel ya,I know how strong the urge is,and how you take bigger and bigger risks! I haven't been caught as yet,but I live in fear of it happening!!!
    Just play cool and lay low,maybe try go after another woman's panties.
    Also,if its her you're after,try the bathroom bin,may be some used pads in there

  • You must be the one stealing the panties before i get to them, lol!

  • Yeah!

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