Shopping for panties

There is only one thing better than tucking your manhood into tiny, sexy, feminine, petite panties and that is buying them. Only yesterday I visited an independent lingerie boutique to buy more panties. I openly told the assistant (Hazel) that they were for me and I think she was as excited as I was. She asked my size and I explained I like them very tight. She looked up and down my 6 foot 3 frame and quite innocently said “I guess you are about 8 inches and I would love to squeeze it in a U. K. size 8. Shop was duly closed, a selection of panties picked for me. Next I was lead to the changing room and trousers down, existing panties off. The assistant now on her knees giggling and hurriedly carassing my manhood with hands lips and tongue. Now fully erect the assistant begs me to deposit and I oblige pumping her mouth full of my creamy salt. “Now deary we must try your panties on.” Quite how we squeezed it in I never know but I am wearing them now thinking of good old Hazel in the panties parlour.

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