Tried to suck

I tried to suck my own d***.
I'm an ok size,not gonna bother saying "my 10 inch" or healthy 8.5 member like most of the children posting on here.
Standard guy,standard decent c***,on my bed,trying all sorts of positions,even tried against the wall ,but nope! Cant do it!
I can't even touch my toes tho when standing up,never have,so guess that might have something to do with it and me not being flexible enough?
Can anyone REAL do it? And any tips?
No ,I don't want to hear about your fake gigantic phallus.
This is real lol.
No I'm not gay,just curious to see if it can be done .
I don't want my back to lock out in an unfortunate position πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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  • It's flexibility not size and persistence I could at my peak get all the head of my c*** in my mouth lick and suck difficult to control when you c** though usually ended up all over my face and chest can't do it now I'm older so I suck other guys c****

  • Haha,I'll pass on sucking other guys thanks,but yeah,I've tried and tried but its sadly a nope!

  • ... You're just not flexible enough

  • Try the site imagefap. Some guys post pics of themselves doing that. I'm nowhere near flexible enough.

  • Thanks,I'll have to have a look πŸ‘

  • It’s possible but it won’t be as great as u think

  • No, I can imagine it being an anticlimax,but its something to tick off the list of deviance !

  • Take it in deep

  • Your time would be better spent seeking the sexual partner of your choice and engaging in mutual pleasure.

  • Oh,I'm married,and she does quite often when were in the bedroom, but I'm just generally curious as to if it can be done πŸ‘

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