Janine Nicole Frank's dirty panties

So today was a good morning I was at my beautiful mother in law's house and went to shower but before I did I took a nice cotton fresh dirty panties to the shower and sniffed the love her sweet smell and taste of her p**** juices off of them are then spitt on them for lube wrapped them around my c*** and jerked off in them till I filled them with my c** I do it every day I hope she finds them covered in my c** I know she will she does all the time in her dirty clothes and says not I would love to c** in her sweet p**** and big beautiful ass 😍😘😍😘😘😍😍😍



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  • I just dropped my load in nice white pair of her panties 😁

  • I'm talking to Janenne about you right now.
    Love those big t*** and ass of hers.
    I want her dirty panties too....
    Are you the one with the lip piercing?
    Email me: kkreme6575@gm***.com

  • Yes I am the one with the lip ring why do you ask

  • Would you watch her take a crap?

  • I could help you be with this woman!

  • How can you help him? I would also like help with my mil

  • Mate.....you're getting better, I'll give you that,but you've still got a bit more to go before you're passing off decent stories.

    Keep trying lol,learn grammar,and its Detail we want.
    Give us some meat,some background,stimulate our imagination so its as if we're the ones experiencing her wet panties.

    You're getting better,so we lie in wait for your next installment.

  • Thanks so much she is in the shower now so I may be posting again soon I wish she would let me shower with her

  • Killing her would be the ultimate high

  • What the h*** I love her could never imagine killing her that is f***** up

  • Kill her and give her the roughest


  • I'm not going to kill her but would f*** her in the ass hard and deep

  • Kill her a*** 😠

  • I'd tare her big beautiful ass up

  • And I would tear it up too

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