Stupid mexican b******

If they don’t wanna date us then they can get the f*** out of our country and go back to that dessert below is that they came from. We are gonna build that wall and y’all not comin back. Adios putas

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  • Probably has a little teeny weeny

  • Ah, it seems we have a Nice Guy ™ here. He appears to be angry. Perhaps he misplaced his fedora?

  • At last,another sane person like me who cannot stand fedora's !!
    I seriously hate them,hate how they look,and hate how the neckbeards think they look cool😠
    Plus,American homicide cops seem to think they're cool too, nah mate,you look a right melt in that!!!!

  • Well that's racist you know? First of all, you say that if they are in your country, they have to date you... Why? It doesn't matter where are you from, you are another human with the same rights as them, so stop been like that and think a bit. I'm not mexican, but I respect them, and you should too. And one more thing, no digas "adios putas" como si supieras español jajaja

  • Why would you ever want to date a mexi?

  • I'm from the uk,so they're rare to non existent here,so for me,id love to date one,as they're exotic and sexy as f!
    But, I understand your sentiment,over here we have waaaay too many eastern Europeans,scum all of them.
    Our European problem is equal to your Mexican problem.
    I expect you'd date a hot polish chick,just as much as I'd date a Mexican chick. But swap over and nope! F*****g immigrants

  • I seem to recall that there was once a notorious individual in Western Europe who was effective at exploiting the ignorance of like-minded people who shared your sentiment that everyone of a similar ethnic background was scum, and constituted a 'problem' which required a 'solution'. History records what happened there and I'm sure people can judge for themselves whether the outcome was good or bad.

  • Ahh,you mean good old uncle Adolf!!!
    He was a kind chap deep down,and was just misunderstood

  • Who needs history, when we refuse to learn from it and keep making the same stupid judgment calls here and now?

  • I thought grammer was not important in American english 🙂

  • It is sometimes and DEFINITELY when your writing, but most people don't really use correct grammar when speaking. However if you are Hispanic, Asian, or you just have a thick accent, speak with correct grammar because we sadly have a lot of racists who might (totally will) harass you. If you are not sure, using contraptions ( such as ain't for are not, and don't for so not) is considered correct grammar.

  • *you're
    *contractions, not contraptions
    *do not

    They actually got "grammar" right all three times, though

  • What's 'grammer' ???

  • Op, your correction to the native American comment is WRONG!!!!!!!!
    YOU'RE is YOU & ARE = YOU'RE
    so the other guy was 100% correct when using "YOUR" in your country.
    So go f*** yourself you self righteous p****,go f*** yourself to h*** amd live with the n****** in their swamp

  • Thanks for jumping to my defense, I can come back down from my totem pole now. 👍😉

  • Your welcome dude👍 must of been chilly up there!!

  • But why? We have lovely desserts here too. Chocolate cake, tiramisu, mmm...

    Learn to spell, little MAGAT :)

  • I'm sure that the Native American Indians would have expressed a similar sentiment when your ancestors settled in 'your' country.

  • OP here.

    *you're i think you'll find ! So go climb a totem pole chief!

  • Well, there's a new one, a N*** who corrects grammar.

  • A true grammarnazi😅

  • But they have smoking hot a****!

  • ...yes...and so so so yummy delicious...

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