My Wife's Gym Membership!

I've been married to my wife for 27 years. We have two adult children, one of which my son just graduated from high school this past year. With more time to ourselves, my wife and I now occupied a empty 4 bedroom house. While I'm at work and nothing to do with her day.
My 42 year old wife, got herself a gym membership and started dieting.
She lost around 40 pounds in 5 months. She is by no way skinny , if anything voluptuous / plump. The type of women who's fat cells goes straight to her legs and butt.
She has these natural big heavy breast, with pepperoni sized oriolus.
One of the main thing that attracted me to her .
Anyways she looks better than I have seen her in years.
Compared to me and my man t***, I am beast too her beauty.

Wanting to throw a small bachelorette party at the house ,for her friends 23 year old cousin.
I told my wife I'd get lost ,then check myself into a hotel for that evening.
Thinking the last place I want spend my night ,was with a bunch of drunk Latinas.
Going on and on about their kids, as they gulp down Margaritas from red solo cups.
Thinking of course there would be male strippers, entertaining the bride tobe at the her party.
I trust my wife to not do anything.

Instead of checking into the hotel that day, I hung out at a bar.
Leaving around 11:50 that night, deciding to drive by my house on the way to the hotel.
I immediately notices only her car in the driveway.
With no other vehicles around, I'm thinking the party must have ended early.
At this point I'm not spending any money for a hotel, so I pull into the driveway.
The first thing I do before going in the house ,is grab the recycling in the backyard for curbside pick up, for the next morning.
As I'm entertaining the backyard , I can hear music playing from inside the house.
Seeing the lights on in our bedroom, with the blinds to the sliding glass door that leads to the backyard open. I was in complete shock . Standing outside, looking at my Mexican wife,
getting f***** by some black 19 year old kid . With her legs spread and a uncut baseball bat for a d***. Raw d****** her into the mattress. After a few minutes he pulls out and tries to c** on her face. Blocking her face with her hands. He ends up dropping his load on her t***. Then seeing him mouth the words, " I'm dropping off the kids." As they both start laughing. Then he leaves the room , while she heads into the master bedroom, bathroom.
I could hear the shower turn on , noticing on the dresser there was a lipstick staind glass and half a bottle of champagne on ice.
Thats when my son friend enter the bedroom . He heads straight for the glass on the dresser, pulling out a small plastic bag from his pocket.
Then putting what look like a gram of what ever it was into the glass ,before pouring in the champagne.
My wife comes out of the bathroom a couple of minutes later ,with only her bathrobe on. Smiling while entering the room sluggishly . I could read her lips as she tills my son friend, "no sweetie, i'm done partying. You can't be in here."
She then starts sipping the glass of champagne, while they both start talking for a few minutes sitting on the bed.
Then out of nowhere he grabs my wife by the back of her ponytail .
Stands himself up, pulls out his d***, then shoves it in her mouth.
She just sitting there with arms to her side, looking like she was in a trance .
About a minute into f****** my wife mouth, I could see her get into it.
She was trying to shove his d*** down her throat, as far as possible.
Somthing she would never do with me. Slobbering all over his b**** ,licking his ass.
What ever he put in her glass ,made her extremely h****, and wired out of her mind.
She starts riding him in the reverse cowgirl position facing the glass sliding door.
My wife laughing, moaning, thumping on his lap like a crazy woman.
Her big Mexican long jumping t***, bouncing out of control.
Because of the lights be on in the bedroom and the backyard being pitch black.
I wasn't afraid of anyone seeing me. After he forced f***** her in the ass doggie style , he spooged in her mouth. My wife, then put her toung to work, licked his d*** clean.

After seeing all that, decided the hotel was the best options for me.
My emotions where all over the place. From being angry, emasculated, and very much so turned on by the whole night. I didn't want a divorce, yes I was upset with her.
But in my mind I justified it as a one time thing.
Besides that, I've had my own affairs through out my life.
God only knows, the number of countless hookers, I've been with. A man to that.
So the next morning around 10:Am , I get home. Pretending that I know nothing about the goings on in are bedroom the night before.
My wife looking like she was still partying , wearing the same bathrobe from last night.
With her makeup on , walking around the house in 6 inch heels.
She looks at me , sips her wine glass, sits on the couch smiling, not saying a word.
I then enter my bedroom, immediately seeing 2 guys sleeping in our bed.
Then turn around and head back to the living room to confront my wife.
Like an idiot I say," who are these guys sleeping in our bedroom? Is that you friends gay cousin."
Trying to help her come up with any excuse ,to why their would be 2 guys sleeping on our bed.
She then said " no they are my boyfriend, friends. My boyfriend is the guy who f***** me, before I saw you watching though the glass door last night, when I was f****** our sons friend. Thats why I was laughing so hard. I don't know how long you where standing outside in the cold tugging on your d*** like a p****. But it was very funny. "

Basically what happened ,her new boyfriend was the black guy I first saw her with.
They both met at the Gym , telling me she been cheating with him for the last 2 months.
Our sons friend, who is also friends with my wife new boyfriend.
Was celebrating his 18th birthday. Thats who the party was for.
Mentioning she had no idea the party would be for him.
Now that he knew she was cheating.
Our son friend barged into the room attempting to blackmail her into s** , saying her boyfriend was the one, who sent him to her bedroom.
I'm guessing my wife was the birthday boy present / entertainment.
My wife said "I don't know what came over me. Never would have f***** that little s***. With out a doubt, somebody slip me something last night.
Because I ended up f****** every guy ,at the party.
By the way now everything is out in the open.
I told my boyfriend he can move in tomorrow, if you don't like it you can always move out. Just get your thing out of my bedroom. " Apparently their was around 6 guys at the party.
They parked their car at the birthday boys house, and walked 3 blocks to ours.

Sadly it would be a couple of months before I could afford to move out.
On occasion I would get sloppy seconds and nasty thirds.
I stood my ground thoe, when it came to cream pie clean up.
I'm just kidding on the last part.
I moved out of there immediately, then was divorced a year later.

Seeing my x wife photos on Facebook recently, she looks f****** amazing.


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  • Too bad you didnt go for the creampie. You could still be there eating up that black c** filled p****.

  • I figured out my wife was cheating when she all of a sudden started buying new underwear. The whole time I knew her she always bought bikini underwear and a normal bra. Then I noticed after being married for 7 years that she was buying and wearing thong panties and pushup bras. When I asked her about it she got all defensive. I knew something was up so I hired a PI to follow her and sure enough she was f****** her new boss at work. We didn't have any kids so it was an easy divorce. The funny thing was that she left willingly and gave everything to me because she tought she was going to be with her boss who has way more money than me. After 6 months of playing house with this guy his wife came home and kicked her ass out. She ain't got s*** now because her boss fired her ass. Awww, pay back is a b****.

  • Mmm doo hot!#

  • So she lost all those pounds cause she was really doing it for some black c***.
    That’s gotta really make you feel like s***.
    She’s about to get treated like pimped our w****. He’ll just want her P**** and to be treated like some sort of king. He’ll ruin her soon enough and she’ll be crawling back

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