Milk for husband and son

I have always had extra sensitive nipples. There must be an inner circuit from my nipples to my G-spot. From the first experience having my nipples sucked I could have o******. I guess I got lucky I met someone that loved to suck nipples and fondle t***. Even before we married he always talked of his fantasy to suck milk from my nipples, almost begging me to lactate. That didn't seem possible without begin pregnant or having a baby. For years he would suck my nipples and manipulated them so they grew more pronounced. He would get a glass of milk and dip my nipples into the milk then suck it from my b******. I was also interested in health food and supplements at an early age. I always went to the same health food store and became quite friendly with the owner, trading different stories and talked about articles we had read in different publications. One day as I was reading the labels on some of the supplements and compared notes of information. The owner asked me the usual greetings "how are you today? Are you looking for something particular?". I kinda blurt out how I wanted to lactate and was there any hope without getting pregnant. She remarked "your nipples do seem healthy". I looked down and my nipples had over time become more pronounced over time, with firmness that always showed and poking out from under my blouse. The owner of the store asked if I was serious so I told her how much my husband fantasized about it constantly and I thought it would enhance our romance and sexual satisfaction. She suggested some supplements and some natural hormones to add, they might help. I got so excited at the possibility I couldn't wait to try. As soon as I got home I took the pills, got naked and looked down at my nipples praying this would do the trick. I didn't tell my husband, if it happened I wanted it to be a surprise. After one week I noticed my hips seemed to be getting more rounded in shape, like a woman was born to be bred. Very likely the result of my new vitamin regime my nipples were developing more and more. With the daily sucking and the supplements my nipples started getting more pronounced. My husband even more obsessed was sucking my nipples every time he was near me. I started going without anything but a thin t-shirt on. Sometimes just the soft cloth would get me h**** drawing the stimulation from my nipples down to my g-spot. My nipples were always firm and pointed by then and even the pressure of a bra was painful to push the nipples into the middle of my b******.
Two more weeks and I was starting to leak from my nipples. That first day when my husband got home and saw the wet circles on my shirt he said I was only teasing him. That is when I pulled my top off and let him see my nipples were really leaking fluid, he put his mouth over my nipple and used his tongue to tease the nerves that were so sensitive. I was lactating and the h**** l*** took over my p**** into constant arousal reaching multiple o****** as long as my nips were being sucked. We kept things going steady for almost 6 months. Then we had to foster my brothers dog until he could find a house with a fenced yard because the dog was pregnant with her first litter.
You can guess where this went.
After Sheba gave birth to her litter of 8 puppies the thought went through my mind but my husband was the one brought up the subject of letting the puppies suckle from me. He confessed another fantasy how hot it would be to see puppies sucking on both my t*** at the same time. We were in our normal state of h**** l***, getting into bed naked he brought two pups to my sides. With my pendulous nipples it didn't take long for them to latch and pushing with paws while pulling the nipples into their little mouths I was in erotic l*** feeling a need inside my p**** to be filled.

I have never allowed myself to stop lactating. The more I am milked the more milk I produce. My husband loves to suck my milk and will latch as long as possible. I get sexually aroused when he suckles giving me hours of o******.
My baby is no longer a baby, he is 11 years old and still sucks milk from my teats. When the alarm sounds off each morning my husband sucks my milk for half an hour then we get up so I can make breakfast. My son will enjoy his mothers milk before going to school. When my son comes home from school I always let him have a snack like a couple of cookies. I sit on the sofa and my son comes to me pushing my shirt out of the way and latches to me for a half hour. After the evening meal, both my husband and son receive my milk from the source simultaneously. It feels amazing to see my two guys latched at the same time.
My nipples protrude half inch from my areola and half inch across. Friends have commented about the appearance of my nipples visibly pointed with length but I have only told them they never changed after weaning our son. That is a lie, he isn't dependent but not weaned either. I always tell him he is a good boy while he suckles. Our son always says "good mommy" after suckling but he calls me "mom" usually at other times. His friends eyes stare at my b****** until my son gets their attention, then his friends smile slyly as if they got away with something dirty. I will let my son latch as long as he wants into future years.
Someone suggested my husband buy a milking machine for me. We are seriously considering it and it would be great to have my nipples stretched. I want my nipples to look like bullets.


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  • Lucky lady.

    I wish I was still lactating. The best s** was when I would ride my hubby’s c*** and he would latch on. It drove me crazy.

    I also loved to ride his c*** and make him lie down and not allow him to touch,
    Kiss or such on me. Then as I got closer to climaxing i would express milk in his face.

    Those were the days.

    I’ll never forget the time I was sitting in the living room naked after a shower and was feeding our son. My husband the started rubbing on my p****. It was making me so hot. He did stop but then he started licking me

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  • Personally I think adult breast feeding is pretty hot

  • What supplements did you take?

  • Don't feed the peadophile,you'll only just encourage HIM,as I cam guarantee its some loser dude j********** to his fantasy

  • Do you play with his c***?

  • Was good,until you went on about the dogs,that's just sick

    And your son too, naah,sorry love,you're a paedophile

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