Janine nicole franks

So today I listened to everyone on here.
I went to see my beautiful mother in law and as she went into the shower, I slipped into her room and stole a pair of her wet smelly panties,mm they smelt so good of pee pee and f****,then I licked and cummed in them and smeared them on my face,then I went i to her shower when she was there, i had a knife like you wanted but got scared when she saw me,she screamed so I grabbed her by the throat and squeezed hard,she hit me and it hurt my nose and I let go, I ran and went home.
I love you Janine Nicole franks,please don't tell on me,I just want your p**** and ass and panties to c**



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  • Oi cunto! We're waiting for an update

  • Well, the dumbshits among us are, obviously :D

  • Haha yea that's me lol, this dudes gone quiet tho,so maybe he finally got busted lmao


  • I'm new to this site,and omg, how many times has this guy posted about Janine Nicole franks?!!!!!!!!!
    Seems someone is obsessed!!
    I hope his wife finds this site one day haha

  • Have you killed her yet then?πŸ˜…
    Gone pretty quiet ,I'm guessing she called the copsπŸ˜… prepare for analrape behind barsπŸ‘

  • Your mother-in-law pees her pants?

  • I imagine he means hints of wee lol,well at least I'd hope so!!

  • Lol

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  • How much tho?

  • Would that be Janine Nicole Franks of Maricopa, AZ ?

  • I dunno,I've searched and found a white plains NY, yonkers NY, tampa Florida and there's a few more.

    Oi, knicker sniffer dude!!!!!! Where are you from???
    We wanna know lol

  • Wtf? You are a FuckingWeirdo dude

  • Teri maa ki choot

  • What about her pu$$y???? Paan chode!!

  • You understand my language how nice ,by the way it's panchod not paan chode(sister f*****)...but in your case you are mother humper

  • Go suck a Lund pakora you smelly paki

  • This paki is going to f*** your mil right infront you dude...muhahahahaha

  • Hahahaha love it.... i am not paki....you sticking slimy b***** American. Go punch your dad in his nuts

  • Haha,well not the OP, I'm not American,and all you curry-wallers look and smell the same(like s***πŸ’©) so yeah,you're a paki

  • You are OP only as well as american i know that well whatever country u belong too you are disgusting pervert who have no respect for the woman who gave her daughter to you so drop dead ass hole and put a smile on my face

  • Haha I can guarantee that I'm not the OPπŸ˜…
    In fact,I'm one of the many who find this guys many many posts a bit disturbing!
    You are right on one thing tho,I am a pervert,but not in the pantie sniffing way of our dear poster!
    Id give that Janine Nicole s.l.u.t some respect as I slam my Lund deep inside her haha!!
    So go make a chapati you smelly Lundkafir!

  • Mother f***** why did you replied to abusement that i gave to him. Looks like you don’t have a fuckking job. So kiss my ass and fuckk your mom thats where you came from you nasty piece of s***

  • I gave that saali kutti a right gaandfat ,so suck my Lund ,smelly paki

  • Tera baap paki saala chutiya

  • Bhen ke takke you kutte ka awlat πŸ˜ πŸ‘Š

  • Chup kar randi ki aulad

  • RandiπŸ˜… you c.u.n.t πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I'm done lol, I'm only abusing you as I find Hindi swear words funny 😁
    Phrases like this: Chut ke pasine Mein talay huye bhajiye πŸ˜… and chipkali ke jhaat ke baalπŸ˜…

  • Nice try ass hole where r u from

  • Scotland,you?
    Chut ka pujari πŸ‘

  • Singapore and yes i am great chut ka pujari(p**** worshipper)...come here we would kick each other’s nuts

  • Haha,not sure id want my nuts cracked πŸ˜… but id happily team up with you and smash some tight chut together πŸ‘

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