My first panties

I stole my best friends 16 yoa sisters 34b bra and blk lace panties from her undie drawer while spending the night

Feb 2, 2019

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  • I wear whatever pretty panties my wife lays out for me everyday

  • When I was in 8th grade I'd spend the night with at my friend's house & I got to sleep in his sister's room while she was at college. I loved dressing up in her silky panties, bra, pantyhose and short half slips. I also "borrowed" one of everything I wore, so I could enjoy wearing her lingerie more often. 50 years later I'm still wearing women's silky lingerie daily and love it.

  • There is nothing quite as sensual as wearing silky ladies lingerie!!!! Its even better if you have a male lover who appreciates what you wear. I am male in my late fifties in great shape and a size 12 in ladies clothes. I am often visited by my friend who adores me, but its really just for the s** and I love it!! He strips off and lies on my bed and likes me to walk fully dressed as his lady and wearing my silky undies, crawl onto the bed, snuggle up to him and caress his hairy body all over. I love being his lady all dressed up and sexy feeling his naked body against me.
    He always has a huge h****** and I love to feel it between my legs after he has lifted my chiffon skirt above my waist exposing my silky underwear and when I caress his throbbing member I feel the heat going to my own erection and I know I want him to s*** me desperately but he likes to take his time caressing and feeling me. then he turns me over onto my side and I feel him pushing his erection against my bottom and I cry out that I want him in me but he teases me so and then when hes ready he pulls my panties aside and thrusts his member into me and I love it. He is a great lover and goes forever and I scream out while he thrusts then when he c*** its the most wonderful feeling as he pumps his c** inside me and nuzzles tightly against my neck as I take every last drop of his seed.

  • Haha good man! Did you sniff any dirty ones?
    When my sis was at uni,id go and visit some wknds,and stayed in which ever friend of hers was home that wknd, god I abused all their panties,worshiped their crusty discharge and clean their toys with my b**** and tongue lol

  • I love my granddaus knickers

  • How old..

  • Another nonce that can go f.u.c.k himself

  • L dont know what to do. l cought my allmost 11year old daughter drinking. l'm a single dsd and she has being acting up so bad lateley. my sister has offerd too discipline her as in spanking her. l have not spanked her in over two year's...


  • Why is that

  • The whole child and spanking $hit. You're wanting to encourage your sick friends to comment. And we've had enough of that $hit thankyou

  • Why on earth did you do that???

    You will get NO gratification from clean underwear,may as well smell some fabric softener!!

    Everyone knows its the dirty used ones you go for!! And never take a posh pair as they'll be noticed,go for the daily use black ones👍
    You're welcome

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