I confess that on the way back from picking up my niece I couldn’t help but notice how good she looked. I dropped her off at her moms and she left her bags in my car. When I got home I looked through her dirty clothes bag and found a nice pair of her panties and took them. Another time I went to my brothers house and no one was home. Feeling a bit turned on I went to the laundry room and found a pair of my sister in law panties and took them. The smell drives me crazy!

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  • I used to sniff and lick a 13 girl panties. Was best ever. Raging Hardon and shoot c** across the room. Enjoy it while you can

  • Why did u c** so had sniffing them.

  • The sweet smell of a young girls p**** causes massive c**. And fantazizing bout eating her p**** and having her c*** honey squirt in my face. That's why.

  • Oh ok I never knew that. I did see a friends daughters knickers once and my c*** got really hard in a second.

  • That's very good you got hard looking at her knickers. Girls where sexy knickers to turn us on.

  • They should be naked until 16 get us even harder

  • Gets harder looking at the hairless c*** mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Smooth young cu nt is the only cu nt worth getting hard for.

  • Once it grows grass it is to old

  • Well I didn’t see her cu nt

  • Would you like too?

  • I did want to see more it was hard to look away but my friends wife was talking to me why I was looking at her daughters c unt

  • Can be hard to try and look at their cu nt and not get caught. If I am in another town I just fix my eyes on their cu nt. Lots of young girls see me looking at their cu nt. Who cares they don't know me and they like being checked out on their t*** and cu nt. Long as they not harmed.

  • Yes I think she did like me looking at her cu by she looked at her mum then put her bag on the arms of the chair so I could look more omg how bad was I looking

  • She wants it how old is she?

  • Trust me they want you to do more than just look! I know

  • Nice, how old?

  • I think anyone would look at a girl if she had her legs open.

  • Really do you think they like being checked out. From what age

  • Well they come out of mum with their legs spread!

  • Oi,leave him alone!

    I'm a pantie sniffer too,and there's nothing wrong with it at all! I get high off the smell,damn it's intoxicating ,mmm

  • Very intoxicating

  • I swear I get light headed and buddy off them!! Who's were the last you sniffed? Mine was my uk size 14 sis in law!! God they're fantastic!

  • My 12yr old nieces panties. She is really hot for her age

  • Bald p****?

  • Mine is friends daughter 11, ten minutes afo

  • Mates 2 girls 3 and 7 about 2 weeks ago

  • I also love to sniff and lick young girls dirty panties while I w*** off. I am sniffing a pair of my daughters dirty panties as we speak

  • Lick her p****

  • Your mates daughters omg. That’s bad.

  • H*** no I loved sucking the pee out f the 3 yr olds

  • Yuk pee no thanks

  • Love drinking it straight from the tiny p****

  • Do not have a child or do not get married until you are normal

  • Take medical treatment

  • You r sick

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