I am a pedophile?

Hello. For a while now I have often found myself looking at young girls. I have always thought that I just liked how cute they were and nothing else but now I'm not so sure. Is it possible that I am a pedophile and just don't know it? I do find the idea of having s** with a little girl appealing but I would never do something like that... I think. Am I a bad person???

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  • Always adored preteen girls in a total s** way. Would love to have lots of little girls of all ages in my bed so I could eat their smooth p****** and c** massive loads in their sweet young mouths. Best I got is jerking off at them in my car when they in school uniform. Preteen girls are the best. Don't worry all guys fantasize bout very young girls. Woman also fantasize bout having young c**** pounding them. They just don't admit it. Enjoy your fantasy about young girls. Its OK.

  • No I think the same, lovely soft hairless p****

  • Young soft hairless cu nt the only cu nt worth a Hardon. Could eat one out right now.

  • I love them šŸ˜šŸ˜

  • Like them wearing a nappy

  • I like to take their nappy off and lick the tiny teeny cu nt clean of p***. Then c u m on their soft baby body and rub the c u m in.

  • Simple answer is yes you are a bad person. Now do the world a favor and take out a knife. Place it under your b**** and pull upward making sure cut even and clean through, severing both your b**** and d*** from your body. Then take what you have just severed and throw it in the garage disposal making sure to grind it all up. Now you will be a good person.

  • "Am I a bad person???"
    No, you're not a bad person! We can't help what desires we have.

    "I do find the idea of having s** with a little girl appealing"
    I totally get what you mean, it is indeed a very arousing thought.

    "Is it possible that I am a pedophile and just don't know it?"
    Possible - Yes. But in order to know if that's the case or not, I'd need some more info. What ages are we talking about? You say you used to see them as just cute, but not anymore. How do you see them now? Do they arouse you? Are you fantasizing about f****** them, or any other sexual acts? And how long have you had these thoughts?

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