I Had S** With My Uncle....

Well at the time I lived with his mother which was my deceased father's brother. One day my cousins and I were in his room watching tv. At some point my cousins went upstairs so that just left my uncle and I alone. Well my uncle told me to come here and that he was gonna show me something that his teacher taught him. We went into his closet and well that was that. He lifted up skirt and put his p**** between my legs.... Honestly that wasn't even the first time tho....

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  • Did you enjoy getting f*****? how old?

  • I did but I was pretty young.

  • Well how old was you. ?

  • I was 8

  • 2-10

  • How old was your uncle

  • He was 7/8

  • Will you come to my closet as well i have so many things to show you

  • Ummm

  • I love 8 year old girls p****. i will break any 7 or 8 year old girls p**** wide open either be will or by force but i will break their p****

  • Umm

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