I watched him c** as he watched me shower

I walked into my stall, tuned around to see him in his shower stall across from me, jerking his short fat d*** while looking at mine. I grew to about half mast watching the action when he started c****** right there. It was hot, first time someone has c** for me like that.

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  • At a campground when I was about 17 . I got in late and went down to the restrooms , they had a long row of open showers . As I started undressing an older guy came in and quickly undressed. He sat on the bench as I finished getting undressed and started showering with my back to him. When I turned to rinse my back I was facing him. He was full on stroking his c*** while watching me. I continued with my shower ,stayed facing him until he blew his load all over the floor. He quickly got his pants on and left.

  • Something similar happened to me at a campground in Bozeman Montana. There was a 40ish looking guy, real skinny that was in the shower @ the same time I was. It was like the stalls in the army where there’s several showerheads but no dividers .
    I had seem him in the pool with his wife. She was a plumper. Big all over, but nice. Asked if i wanted dinner at their campsite. I asked my mom, she was good.
    Anyway, the showers was hot and he was goofing. Had a long stream of pee and hit me in the leg, I laughed and p***** on his leg.
    We had a sword fight, his c*** was not big at all. He took some soap and started jacking, and asked me to do the same. I was getting turned on, I turned around so he could rub it on my ass. Then I felt it, a finger going up my ass, with shampoo. Not an Unfamiliar feeling just never had nobody else do it. He asked ‘as he was sliding it in me’ he isnt anywhere near as big as the men after him

  • Should have sucked his d***

  • I will j*** off for you

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