I watched him c** as he watched me shower

I walked into my stall, tuned around to see him in his shower stall across from me, jerking his short fat d*** while looking at mine. I grew to about half mast watching the action when he started c****** right there. It was hot, first time someone has c** for me like that.

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  • At a campground when I was about 17 . I got in late and went down to the restrooms , they had a long row of open showers . As I started undressing an older guy came in and quickly undressed. He sat on the bench as I finished getting undressed and started showering with my back to him. When I turned to rinse my back I was facing him. He was full on stroking his c*** while watching me. I continued with my shower ,stayed facing him until he blew his load all over the floor. He quickly got his pants on and left.

  • Should have sucked his d***

  • I will j*** off for you

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