Hamburger butt

I want 2 guys to pull my panties down and spank my butt with a bath brush till my ass becomes hamburger meat, then I will become a pretty little princess for you

Feb 8, 2019

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  • Laufgh

  • What the f***

  • Lame ass f**

  • Is that so then why haven’t you mentioned the contact details. You 55 yo j erk. Go f uself

  • I just delight in being taken to the bed room and being told that I’m a bad girl and then having my panties pulled down and being disciplined until my bottom is raw it makes me feel like a little girl, and it makes me ready beacuse my step brother is going to come to me later tonight and fondle me and make me do naughty things

  • Can I be your step bro? Use your sweeeeet tight p****

  • Ooooh! yes please, take my knickers off and push your stiff d*** between my legs and c** over my mouse you naughty boy!!!

  • Hello like

  • Hi anybody there

  • I feel like hit her back ok

  • Im nearly 11 and my moms a f total b**** and spanks me

  • You want it?

  • Yes if you are what you have then i 'll be your slave else i will have your b**** stomped under my boots

  • I don’t understand why so upset

  • Just give me your number

  • Give me your number and you will be my slave!!

  • Where are you? No point me giving you my number if you're not from my country

  • Who are you talking on my behalf mother fuckker

  • Maybe I want a number too bee-atch!!!!!😅

  • You mad brah?

  • Be careful what you wish for. The pain of a beating can be unbearable and mess with your mind too

  • Mmmmmmmmmm princess I love boys wearing panties, looking for c***?

  • Ill be your pantie boy you can see my panties all the time

  • Im a boy you can seemy panties i want uou to see them

  • I'd love to see your panties and I love wearing panties too. Then we could play with each other thru our panties.

  • Hi are you there

  • Do you want my panties

  • Im a boy i love wearing girls panties disney panties princess panties tinkerbell panties you can see mine whenever you want

  • I have bambi panties

  • Im a boy iloe wearing girls panties you can see mine

  • Like for real and my mom is a total b****

  • Lfgh

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