Lovely p****

I can't believe what just happened, a man was doing yard work next door to me and had his little girl with him about 3, I assume she said she had to go potty so he grabbed her, pulled down her shorts and knickers put his arms under her thighs , lifted her up to squat and held her to pee, her naked little hairless p**** in full view to anyone around



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  • My niece is nine and lets me lick her bald p****.

  • Nice but 3 is nicer

  • I have her with me now..

  • What is the issue he just looked didn't do anything wrong

  • Glorifying her nakedness.
    And you defending him??? You're one of them dirty nonces as well πŸ˜ πŸ‘Š

  • Yh i am i came over 3yr fit girl mmmm not hurt broken in which made me fill her up so much pedos will think she pregnant or most will be thinkin mmmm lil kiddie nonce c** bucket getting filled mmmmm wanking in her face

  • You do realise this site isn't anonymous you disgusting piece of😠 I'm glad,as you need locking up and beaten to near death everyday . If I had a way if finding you I would torture you so so badly.

  • If you can't find them, then yeah-- it's an anonymous site. I agree with you, but damn-- attempt to make sense.

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