S** for ladies

Society tells us that women should not like s**. The fact that I love s** somehow makes me a w**** or a s*** in the eyes of many. I had my first sexual encounter when I was 12 years old. I played I guess doctor of that is what you call it with the neighbor kid. He was 14 years old and I let him stick his fingers in me while I rubbed his p****. I cold not believe how good it felt having someone elses fingers inside me. I lost my virginity that same summer to the same boy when we took things a little further and I let him penetrate me. It was awkward and neither one of us had an o*****. Then again he only pumped me a few times and pulled out because we were scared I would get pregnant just by him sticking it in me. Later on I asked my mom if I could get on birth control. She obviously flipped out telling me I was too young to have s**, but she gave in and took me to the clinic. After I got on the pill I started having s** with not only my neighbor but other boys who lived in the same area. I had s** with a lot of guys before I even graduated high school but college was the ultimate s** experience. It wasn't until then when I had my first g******* having s** with 5 guys at once. I also had my first lesbian experience in college. Older guy, yep in college. S** in public, again in college. Now I'm graduate with a BA law and I have a boyfriend who just proposed to me. I said yes but I don't think I can marry him. The thought of having s** with only one guy for the rest of my life is terrifying. He is a great guy and he is great in bed. I just don't know if I can do this.


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  • Not all relationships need to be monogamous! Ask him about having an open relationship! They can be tough but when they work they are the best!!!

  • Well you both need to know the truth and if he's smart he'll just have his real friends c** inside you and find a new lady

  • I feel your pain sister x

  • I went through this when I was younger too., Started having s** in high school and had several boyfriends.

  • I've been with a girl with a similar background, she hid that all her life from everyone around her, until we met. I was the only one she felt confident wouldn't condemn her for her behavior. She told me I was the first to truly accept her for who she was and it changed everything, after that, she could only be with guys who truly knew who she was. And she did, she completely assumes herself now and is with a guy who knows everything.

    She says it has been a liberation for her. Don't make the same mistake she did until her thirties. Assume yourself, if your guy condemns you for it, he's NOT the right guy for YOU. Don't live a lie... Live your truth.

    Good luck! :) <3

  • Enjoy urself and hold of marriage till your older.

  • Even if u marry him u will never be faithfull to him.

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