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I have been married to my husband for 5 years. We dated all through school and college, then dated for 3 years after college before we got married. We have 2 lovely children with your typical American home. I work in an office building with 3 other people as part of the IT department. Our lead person, Jason is also married and has 1 child.

We have been upgrading everyone's computer to Windows 10 over the last year. We have a guy on second shift who replaces the computer and then I come in at 4AM and setup their software, accounts, etc. Giving me 3 hours to complete before the user shows up for work at 7AM. Jason normally comes in at 7AM but we had a double setup and upgrade scheduled for one day so Jason decided he would come in at 4AM to help me. When we got in we found out the upgrade had been postponed. Kind of irritated that he had showed up early for nothing, Jason was b******* as we headed back to our locked room. I opened the door and headed in but dropped my tool kit. I stopped and bent over to pick it up when Jason bumped into me from behind. I started to lose my balance but Jason quickly grabbed my hips and pulled me back. The force slammed my ass back into his pelvic area like he was dry humping me. It was totally innocent and he did keep me from falling so all I could do was laugh. Jason kept asking me if I was ok, but all I could do was laugh and make jokes. I jokingly told Jason that I was ripped off and didn't even get satisfied. We kept joking back and forth until I said something about not even getting to see it. Again totally joking but Jason took it seriously and quickly unzipped his pants pulling out his c***. By this time my p**** was a little wet and I was h**** enough that without thinking I dropped to my knees and took his c*** in my hand. I slowly started sucking him as I stroked his rock hard c***. He was rubbing my t*** through my shirt as I continued to suck him. I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans. At that very second I asked myself what the h*** I was doing. I told my self that we were both married and shouldn't be doing this. Then I unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my panties down to my ankles. I turned around and bent over the desk letting Jason slid his c*** inside me. We f***** for several minutes while I rubbed my c*** and orgasmed. Then Jason orgasmed inside me. He pulled out and I grabbed some napkins from the desk to catch the c** running out of me. I pulled up my pants and headed to the bathroom so I could finish cleaning up. Jason and I never talked about what happened nor have we ever had s** again. I feel bad for cheating on my husband, I have never done anything like that before. The crazy thing is that eventhough I feel bad, I don't feel bad enough to tell my husband. I also don't feel bad enough to say I would never have s** with Jason again.

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  • This didn’t “just happen”. You knew you were flirting by the way you talked to him and the things you said. You weren’t just joking and you hoped it would happen. I also believe you aren’t telling the entire story and the whole truth. You cheated on your husband, don’t feel any remorse and admitted you’d be open to f****** him again. Marriage doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’s just a word. If we can’t control ourselves and be strong enough to avoid f****** other people why the h*** get married? You made a conscious choice/decision to f*** him. You have no will power. If your husband did something like this you’d be hurt, furious and wouldn’t ever let him forget about deceiving you and cheating. If you didn’t divorce him that is. No one deserves to be cheated on. We should depend on our spouses and be the only ones we can turn to for everything. You have violated your marriage vows and you don’t even care as long as he was a good f***. Sad

  • Hey, things happen in life that we regret, but we shouldn't let it define us or affect our lives in a negative way. Sure you liked it and will think about it. But as long as the two of you don't tell anyone, especially your spouse's. It will remain one of those things. ]And no one gets hurt. But if you tell on yourself you'll be easing your conscience while hurting your husband and children. So keep quiet and keep your pants on. Also, tell your f*** buddy to do the same.

  • I have s** with my coworker. She and I had worked together for about 6 years by this point. Up to that point we had never done anything except flirt with each other and joke around. Finally one day I just out of the blue told her I would be game for a little fun before work. To my surprise she said she was too. The next day we both came into work early and left to go have s** in the back of my car. We have been having s** now for the last 5 years. Always before work and always in the back of my car. Luckily we have never been caught by anyone else, eventhough we are both married to other people.

  • Maybe the s** with Jason was better and that is a reason you wish to hide it.
    My girlfriend liked me and a co worker of hers before we got serious. I withheld from s** to prove I was serious about her while she kept having s** in cars, her place and outside sports bar with this guy. I finally caught on to her and she admitted it was all sexual and that she couldn’t say no to his huge tool. I can’t say I blame her cause which female wouldn’t want s** with a tall hot guy. Anyways I let her go and she followed me to Austin where we continued to date and got married

  • And she's still f****** other tall hot guys.

  • You got caught up in a moment and had a little fun. Enjoy the fact it happened but don't ever tell your husband , all it will do is hurt him and he will never trust you again causing problems in your marriage. What he doesn't know truly won't hurt him.

  • She can’t trusted. Good grief the woman said she wouldn’t say no to f****** him again and doesn’t feel bad about it. She cheated on her husband just because the guy had a bigger d*** than him. She feels no remorse and doesn’t care that she cheated. He will eventually find out and it’ll be devastated but she won’t care

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