I have s** with married women

Lonely women make good lovers (its even a song). Attractive single women arent interested in me, i wonder if theyre interested in anyone. I go on dating profiles and if i see an attractive married woman, my first thought is why is she on here? For friends? ha! Shes lonely and miserable and just wants someone to make her happy. Im that guy. Call me a homewrecker. Better yet, call the husband who couldn't keep his wife satisfied a homewrecker, or said cheating wife herself. I never thought id be almost 40, and still having s** with attractive 20-somethings and 30-somethings. The irony is that none of their husbands seem to really care. For the record, none of my married partners had any kids. Hey, im just a product of shallow modern western culture.

Feb 25, 2019

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  • You are just a slob using lonely women.

  • There is no s** half as good as cheating s**.

  • Divorced women are easy too. When I was teenager I found the easiest way to have s** was not with the girls my age but rather 30 and even 40 year old women who had just divorced. I would read the divorce section in the newspaper and find out who had divorced. I would go over and offer to help around the house with yard work and what not. Then I would tell them how beautiful they were. Next stop was the bedroom. Sometimes we wouldn't even make it to the bedroom. They think they are not pretty anymore because their husband left. When they have a young guy hit on them, they go all s** crazed. I f***** so many middle aged women I lost track.

  • Where can i find them

  • I find a lot in church, so be it.

  • My married hot cousin when she wanted to go have some cheating fun would only do married men. I asked her why and she said she never had to worry about them saying anything or bothering her when she was done with them.

  • Those women need some happiness. Thank you for caring.

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