G******* my wife

I show my wife's pics to all of our friends and now they all want to f*** her. I can't get her to agree so I want to get 4 or 5 of my friends or random strangers to g******* my wife. She won't be willing so we will have to take it wanna talk about this to someone. Brutally do her holes concious or unconscious. Wanna set this up. Any ideas? This is a fantasy of mine.

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  • My wife needs a g******* bigtime

  • After four or five or six of you force her, she will learn to love it. She will really get off on all of that c***. She just needs to be exposed to it. Tell her it is for her own good...after all...it is. She should be pleasing you by taking as much d*** as you want her to.

  • Can you say sexual assault? Yes you can be arrested even if it’s your wife!

  • Wanna do this to mine

  • I totally get the appeal, and it's certainly a hot thing to fantasize about, but realize that what you're suggesting is rape. Fantasy is one thing, but trying to make it a reality without her explicit consent is Not Okay.

  • Exactly!!!

  • You need to get her unconscious.

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