Pity s** was worth it

I am always going to remember the night my friends girl let me f*** her, it al started with the death of my mother and a very low part of my life but, before and after it happened we agreed not o ever speak of it, it happened about a year agoand i cant rememberhow it started i just remember standing there looking down at my mates girlfriend sucking my c*** hand at the top looking up at me with her beautiful brown eyes, her brown hair in a pony tail, i always thought she was fit but she looked so much fitter sucking my c***, it was at that point somehing snapped in my mind and i went full throttle, i grabbed her hair, pushed her hand away and f***** that pretty face as hard as i could, her eyes watering, the spit drooling from her mouth, pushing my c*** hard into her cheek and slapping her face, i even went as far as spitting in her mouth, she didnt seem to mind so i carried on, i pushed my luck and rammed into her throat as far as i could, i could feel her tongue stud on the under part my c***, her nose ring digging into my skin, she just looked up at me with her eyes watering, i cant believe how much abuse i put that pretty face through. it was worth it,
by the time i got round to f****** her i was close to cuming so i licked her c*** for abit to hold myself off, she asked for me to wear a condom but i slipped it in her bare, laying on our sides i grabbed her by the neck and plundged deep into her. she looked at me in disgust and pity but i just hammered away at her lovely hourglass body she hides under jeans and loose tops, i squeezed her t*** and while swapping posistions i slid my d*** between them for abit, on top of her legs wide open i went to limit more pushing real deep thrusts into her, her heavy breathing told me she was close to cuming, so i carried on until she wrapped her legs around me a shaked almost violently as she came, after i bent her over and went to town on her behind, grabbing her hips and hearing the slap of our skin, when i came close again, she asked me not to c** inside her, so i led her down over the arm the sofa, had her head upside down mouth open wide and f***** her pretty face until i pushed hard into her cheek and unloaded my s**** into her mouth, it pour out and ran down her face, after it was hard to take her seeious as she explained to me it was a one-time thing, her make up ruined and my c** glazing her face and in her hair, like i said, we have never spoke of it but boy it was good.

Mar 3, 2019

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