Fantasize About Wife Having S** With A Friend & Getting Pregnant

At first my fantasy was more of my wife having s** with another man while on a girls trip. Then it evolved around her hooking up with a friend of ours as we "fell into" a fun threesome between three trusting old friends whereas it started out with three and ended up with him entering her and as he was about to pull out and c** she guided his c*** back into her demanding that he put his seed in her.

It has matured into this and even whereas he while I am downstairs shows her his new bedroom, gives her a massage and then basically forces himself on her as she tells him to pull out he unloads his little swimmers in her. She get´s pregnant and we have that odd conversation at a later date that she is pregnant.

Anyone else have such pregnancy risk / impregnation fetishes? fantasies?

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  • I share your fantasy, and it's *almost* happened, too! My wife f**** my buddy. It's the hottest thing in the world! He knows she's not on birth control but he's also fixed now. However, when they first started regularly getting naked and making out together but she hadn't yet gotten to the point of letting him inside her something sneaky happened once that ranks as one of my favorite erotic memories.

    They were in our bed, naked, making out, and had been teasing and frustrating each other for quite some time. I was mostly hanging back, watching them together and stroking as they both got more and more turned on. He was laying on his side and she was facing him with one leg over him, so his c*** was just inches from my wife's fertile p****. They were kissing and biting each other, and their hands were all over each other. They were both breathing heavy with l*** and I had to occasionally stop stroking to keep from c******.

    Then he did something I never would've expected. He'd either forgotten that I was right there watching, or didn't realize what a clear view I had, but I watched him swirl his finger around the head of his c***, completely coating it in his precum which was flowing pretty heavily at that point, and then push his c**-coated finger deep inside my wife's fertile p****. I swear, I shot a load without actually orgasming when I saw that, and I had to hold completely still to keep from going completely over the edge! I couldn't believe that I'd just watched a man deliberately sneak his c** into my wife! I never saw him do it again, but it's entirely possible he did and I just never caught him.

    To this day she doesn't know it happened. He's fixed now, which is a shame, but on the other hand I do get to regularly watch him f*** my beautiful wife bareback and fill her with extramarital c**!

  • Although it could have happened so many times, I only recently have begun to consider what could have happened..and yes, the thought is incredibly hot that one of our mates could have knocked up my wife. Guess that would be the ultimate cuckolding.and to do it INTENTIONALLY is even hotter.

  • Oh, yes. The first guy I was with had a pregnancy fetish, and it seems that I got imprinted with it. He liked me to extend my stomach as far as I could to appear pregnant during, and we even got to the risky pull-out act. Luckily, nothing happened, but I still have fantasies around that whole topic.

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