Future MIL at Concert S**

I'm the guy who f***** his future mother inlaw at the concert. I've made several comments on other post telling a small part of the story. Several people have asked for the full story, so here it is. Enjoy.

I was single at the time and had just graduated college. My buddy called me and wanted to know if I was interested in going to an ACDC concert. I of course said yes so we got the tickets. The night of the concert my buddy and I started drinking early. He continued drinking while I kind of slowed down just keeping a buzz going. We showed up at the concert and right away my buddy was talking to people like he had known them for years. I decided to go find our seats figuring he wouldn't see most of the concert anyway. I had just found my seat and was planning to head back to where my buddy was when 4 older women sat down blocking my exit down the row. The lady sitting in the seat next to mine apologized and asked if I needed out. I said no because honestly it didn't look like the other 3 ladies were even paying attention nor could I have gotten out if I wanted to. I sat down and introduced myself, she introduced herself as Connie and I started a conversation with this lady next to me who would eventually become my future mother inlaw. We chatted, laughing, drank beer, and innocently flirted with each other the whole night. The more the night went on, the more her 3 friends got drunk. My buddy found his seat a few times, but for the most part he was gone. Towards the end of the concert Connie told me she was getting tired of standing and needed some fresh air. Her and I slipped past her 3 drunk friends and headed out of the venue.

Outside we continue to talk and flirt as we walked around the building. We eventually found ourselves in the back next to the service area. It was kind of dark so we started kissing. Next thing I knew I had my hand up her shirt and was playing with her t***. She quickly unzipped my pants and was stroking my rock hard d***. She stroked me for a while and then dropped to her knees and took my d*** into her mouth. She stucked and stroked me as I continued to rub her t***. I finally got too excited and needed to f*** her. I stood her up and unzipped her pants pulling them and her thong down. I bent her over some utility box and rubbed my d*** on her p****. A few rubbings later and I pushed deep inside her with one thrust. I started f****** her hard and held her hips in my hands pulling her into me. It didn't take long before she orgasmed and I was about to. I told her I was going to c** and she told me to do it in her. I shot my load deep inside her and then pulled out. We pulled up our pants and proceeded to the front where everyone was now exciting the venue. I asked Connie if I could call her, but she just smiled and kissed me. She whispered in my ear and told me it would never happen, then she turned and walked off.  I eventually found my buddy and we made it home.

About 7 months after the concert I was going to work one morning.  I stopped in the local Starbucks and grabbed a coffee. I was running later and tried to hurry out the door when I ran into this girl. My reaction was to throw the coffee away from us so we didn't get wet or burnt, and then I tried to shield her from any splatter. It happened so fast I'm not sure how I managed to pull the whole thing off. Reflects I guess. After the coffee hit the ground I immediately started apologizing. She quickly accepted my apology and commended me on my quick reflex. She was beautiful and sweet, and she offered to buy me a new coffee. Needless to say I ended up being late for work.  We sat down and started talking, she told me she was a college graduate and was still looking for employment. We finally exchanged numbers and she continued on her way.  I looked down at the napkin she had written her number on with a small heart dotting the "I" in her name, Lisa. I couldn't wait to tell my coworkers about this amazing woman. I wanted so badly to call Lisa that night, but a few of my female coworkers demanded that if I like this girl then I shouldn't call her just yet.  They made me promise that I wouldn't call her until they told me to. I agreed and held off.  Three days later they finally gave me the go ahead to call her.  We talked for hours and then I asked her out.  Dinner and a movie, nothing too extravagant. The next night we had another date and ended up back at her place.  Before long we were kissing and rubbing each other. She slid her hand down my pants and started slowly stroking me. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees. Lisa bent over and licked to precum from the tip of my d***. She swirled her tongue around my d*** and then took me between her lips. She sucked and stroked me as I fumbled around with her bra strap. Finally she sat up and just removed her shirt and bra.  I quickly stripped my shirt off as she lowered her head and took my d*** back in her mouth. I rubbed her t*** and tweaked her nipples. She has amazing perky t*** about the size of a small cantaloupes. She finally sat up and we pulled our pants off. I laid her back and slid down between her legs. I softly licked her p**** with my tongue. She has the sweetest smelling p**** I have ever smelled in my life. I started sucking her c*** and pushing a couple fingers inside her.  It didn't take long before she had a massive o*****. She grabbed the back of my head and forced my face into her as she orgasmed. She let up and I crawled between her rubbing my d*** on her c***. She grabbed my ass and pulled me deep inside her. I f***** her hard and fast until she had another massive o*****, then I unloaded with my own o*****. And thus began a lovely relationship.

Lisa and I dated for several months before the dreaded parents discussion was had. Thus far I had managed to keep from meeting her parents or her meeting mine. Everything was going without mention until Lisa called me one day and said she had made plans for us to have dinner at her parents house that Saturday. I reluctantly agreed and also agreed to make plans with my parents for the following Saturday.

The day arrived and I drove over to pickup Lisa from her apartment. We headed out to her parents house, only a short 20 minute drive away. Pulling into the driveway I could see her parents had a nice house. Lisa's parents had been married at that time for about 25 years, so all of Lisa's life, and they had built up a nice family home, two cars, and a few toys. As Lisa and I were getting out of the car, her parents stepped out the door to come meet us. At first glance I had a feeling like her mother was someone I knew, but I really hadn't walked up and met her yet, so I just brushed it off. As we walked closer and I got a better look, I instantly knew who her mother was. OMG, she's the woman I had s** with at the ACDC concert several months back. Lisa introduced her mother to me, saying her name was Connie. The look on her face when she saw me was a look of terror. I must have had the same look, because Lisa immediately picked up on it and asked if we knew each other. I didn't know what to say and blurted out the first thing that popped into my head. "Don't I know you from the grocery store?"  She quickly responded responded with "Yes, I believe you helped me get some dog food one time."  It was awkward as h*** for both of us, but we kept our cool as I met Lisa's father, Connie's loving husband of 25 years. My nerves finally settled down after we headed inside and engaged in conversation. We ended up having a nice dinner when at the end Lisa's father explained he had purchased a new shipbuilding kit and wanted to know if she wanted to see it. I said I would help Connie clear the table if she wanted to go with her father. Lisa gave me a kiss and they proceeded out of the dinning room. Connie took this opportunity to look me square in the eyes and say "Look, what we did at the concert was wrong, it should have never happened. You keep your mouth shut and maybe you and I can get out of this with me keeping my husband and you keeping your girlfriend. Understand"?  I agreed and promised to never speak about that night to anyone. I then told her for the record, I had a really good time that night. She told me she did too, and had been going through a ruff patch with her husband. S** with me was not something she would have ever done, but I was nice and she found me very attractive.

We never spoke about out s** again after that night. Lisa and I are now married and working on are own family. Connie and her husband are still married and we all live within a couple miles from each other now. We see each other almost everyday with Connie babysitting our kid. To date neither one of us has ever slipped up and spilled the beans, but I sometimes wonder if she looks at me and remembers that night. I know I sure do when I look at her sometimes.


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  • Iv f***** my mother in law a few times my wife caught me but only asked me if her mums a good f***

  • Girl I dated loved the size of my Johnson. I let her take a bunch a pics of me nude. Found out from her sister that she showed her mother. Along with a bunch of her friends.

  • F***** my mother inlaw drunk on holiday. The wife was finishing up a project at her work. Her mother and I were to meet her at the resort the next day. That night her mother and I attended a block party where we both got very drunk. We helped each other back to the room but when I helped her in the door we both tripped and I landed on top her. We kissed and then we f*****. I can't really remember the details but do remember kicking to door shut and stripping our clothes off. I remember her telling me she wanted me inside her and then slipping my c*** inside her. I don't remember if we finished or if it was any good. In the morning we both woke up naked and she asked if we had s**. I told her no we hadn't, but I know I atleast penetrated her.

  • I can believe the OPs story. They are not f****** now, they only did it once when neither of them knew each other, and by dumb luck he and her daughter hook up months later.
    These jokers who commented below, no f****** way I believe their bullshit stories. The one acted like he was sleeping, but was able to see his MIL looking at his p**** for 30 seconds? Yeah right. And the other one, his MIL sucked his wife's p**** juices off his p**** after he got done f****** his wife? No way. I bet neither one of these jokers is even married.

  • I know my MIL wants it but I can't risk it as she'll end up confessing to my wife. So instead I gently graze along her when I see her. A touch of her bum or t***, press my d*** up against her. One time I stayed there, I walked out of the bathroom naked and let her see it all. Another time I pretended to sleep when she came in the bedroom when staying over, I was naked and had an erection, I noticed her staring at it for at least 30 seconds. I even gave it a couple of strokes as "I dreamt".

  • Iv f*** my mother in law a few times now I even caught her peeping on my wife, her daughter as we f*** .once she sucked the wife pusdyvjuice of my c*** when I finished f****** my wife I love it

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