Swing s**

Me and my girlfriend used to be open about s**. We said if we ever found a couple to swing with we would jump on the experience, no pun intended. We had a hard time finding a couple to swing with. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of couples willing to play games, but when it came to swapping partners, all of them chickened out. Funny thing is we found it was mostly the guys who chickened out, not the girls. You would think it would be the other way around. But nope, it was always the guys who were little b******. We decided it would probably work better if we found individuals who were not couples to join us. Again we found it much easier to get girls than it was guys. Once my girlfriend asked the woman, she was all for it. Everytime I asked a guy to f*** my girlfriend, he tought I was nuts and told me no. We even tried having my girlfriend ask the guys. They would be all for it until she told them her boyfriend would be involved and f****** another girl at the same time, then they would freak out and tell her no. Honestly I think guys talk a lot of s***, but when it comes down to the dirty deeds they p**** out. It took us so long to find a guy that the woman asked my girlfriend if we were ever gonna do it or not. I ended up asking my cousin if he was interested. Again he first said no, but then finally agreed if I promised him I wouldn't get p*****. It took us forever to find someone but the night finally came. The other girl showed up and I had to call my cousin who said he was just running late. We drank some and played a few games. Then the other girl and I went upstairs while my girlfriend and cousin stayed downstairs. Ok, the upstairs was more like a loft, so we could still hear each other we just couldn't see each other. The other girl and I slipped into bed and started playing with each other. I was fingering her p**** while she was stroking me. I could hear the unmistakable sounds of slurping downstairs and knew my girlfriend was sucking my cousin's d***. The girl and I eventually got into a 69 and I was eating her p**** while she sucked my d***. After a while we spun around to have s**. I could clearly her the unmistakable sounds of s** slapping coming from downstairs and I knew they were f******. I rolled the girl up on her hands and knees, then slid my d*** in her. I reached under her and rubbed her c*** while I slowly f***** her. She started moaning very loud and slammed her ass back against me. She orgasmed hard screaming very loud. I knew my girlfriend could hear her but I didn't care. I finally came in her p**** and we fell on the bed exhausted. We laid there listening to see if they were still f******. We didn't hear anything, and then we hear my girlfriend ask if we were done. We yelled back and said yes. Then she yelled back and said she knew we had a good time because the neighbors could hear her scream. We all laughed and admitted we all had a good time. We started having regular s** with the other girl and my cousin for probably 3 years. Then it started slowing down and now we hardly ever hook up with them. It doesn't help that she found a boyfriend who wasn't interested and had to sneak around to play. My cousin moved away and only comes back to visit every so often. My girlfriend and I keep looking for a new couple to swing with but to date we've had no luck. Maybe if the guys weren't such p**** ass little b******, we would be swinging. Oh well, maybe someday we'll find a couple.

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  • I had s** with my female 1st cousin while her hubby watched. Weird but it was a fantasy for them. I didnt mind either. She was hot and also had a great body. It was the hottest s** I ever had.

  • You’re so right dude! Dues are such p****** and so insecure when it comes to that or sharing their girl with another guy. For me, nothing turns me on more than mmf 3sums. Nothing gets me off harder than seeing my girl sucking another c*** while I watch or f*** her or caress her and lick her sexy feet or heels. Does ur girl like being watched while she’s sucking of f****** other guys?

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