My 13 year old niece wants to have s** with a black older guy

My niece talks to me about everything, and says she's been watching adult stuff. She stumbled on videos of well hung black guys giving it to white girls, and told me she really wants to know what that's like. I tell her she's too young for that stuff, but you know how young kids are these days. They think they know, and she's dead set on it one way or another.

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  • You should help her out. Black that little girl

  • I'm the same way but I don't have anyone I can tell. It was the first p*** I ever watched and it just turned me on so much. My parents would never let me date a black guy so right now it's just a fantasy. I understand what your niece is going through.

  • Tann her ass

  • Hopefully she has parents who will support her fantasy. you need to help her at least talk with her mom if not she'll find a way to do this on her own if not already. As a black father who had a son in high school he was warned to avoid these type girls. if her parents aren't aware of her desires they may blame the boy. my stepdaughter just pulled that crap on her older ex boyfriend. luckily i met with him & his mom to get their side of the story. my wife was in denial about her daughter who was far from being a virgin. help your niece understand its not a game and her actions has consequences.

  • My mom raises her, but pretty much let's her do whatever she wants as far as disrespecting our grandma, to myself. She thinks she's grown. She was sexually abused by her stepmom, and biological father when she was younger along with other siblings that were in that house. I'm a protective Uncle, but there's only so much that I can do. I can't really parent her without my mom butting in, and taking over. Which consists of yelling, and threatening. It's a messed up situation for all of us here. I appreciate your feedback, and will talk to her more whenever I have the chance.

  • Poor girl and your a good uncle..

  • Wow, you are so f****** gullible. Hey, I got some ocean front property in Arizona for sale.

  • Why don't you find something better to do than try to start fights online. I'm glad you know what's going on in other people's lives. You must work for the government.

  • Lf my daughter or niece said anything like that. l would redden the a*** off them..

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