My 13 year old niece wants to have s** with a black older guy

My niece talks to me about everything, and says she's been watching adult stuff. She stumbled on videos of well hung black guys giving it to white girls, and told me she really wants to know what that's like. I tell her she's too young for that stuff, but you know how young kids are these days. They think they know, and she's dead set on it one way or another.



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  • What is wrong with her wanting to try black d***. Kids today are not racists and at 13 she is certainly ready to get f***** and s****. She should try a nice big black c*** to see what she wants to pursue as she goes to high school. It makes perfect sense to me. If I were you, I would encourage her.

  • Can you imagine an older guy having his with my niece, and filling her full of c**? Nothing greater than anyone who is willing to try

  • Niece, daughter, granddaughter who cares as long as it is youngpussy

  • Wow why so many harsh comments about my niece, and wanting to have s**, and another dude is trying to get others to have s** with her, or theirs I can't figure out which. I have reported this, and apparently it's still up. I figured they would've took it down by now.

  • Here's the thing I'm not this girls uncle. I've been stalking this guy, and his niece around my town. I even went as far as to hack his account, and make comments, and pretend I'm him. I'm sure this guy wouldn't like his niece messed with, but she's tall, slender, pale skin, and a blonde. I can tell by watching them that they're close. I did this out of fun, but realize that it's illegal, and may be in trouble. I see he has commented a couple times below, but the rest were me. I just like young girls.

  • Baby+ mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Could you make her c**?

  • With my fingers and my mouth first, watch her beg me to do her over and over

  • You should help her out. Black that little girl

  • I highly doubt any black guy will do anything with a young girl like her.

  • She wants most likely wants him too, but he's just too chicken sh** to do it!!

  • Send her to me I will f*** her and her younger sis if she has I love young p****

  • She most likely wants to be owned by a bbc. My 12 yr old sis got it last year, because he blackmailed my mom, and sent the video to my dad taking my sister's virginity. My mom, and the guy are in jail, but my sis gave birth to his baby.

  • And I am sure she continues to want more black c***. Girls that age can get so addicted to it, it is all they live for.

  • She truly wants one.

  • Baby will be ready soon

  • I'd love to see that too

  • She's definitely up for it.

  • I'll send her your way for sure

  • Hope she likes it in the ass too

  • F*** her good, and hard until she can't get enough c** inside her tight little ass and P****

  • I'm not sure where these other comments came from, but I'm pretty disgusted, so I've reported my own post hoping they take it down.

  • Uncleum would you like to watch me with her, see how bucking and groaning

  • Uncle says yes he's down to watch her get bred by you. He said she'd be your little girl afterwards.

  • Love to marry her so I canfuck her every night

  • Yes I would let you f*** her good.

  • Do you really want too?

  • I'm hard thinking about her

  • Would you like to see pics of her?

  • Only if she isnaked

  • I'd let you do it, because every guy deserves some action. She'd enjoy your c** in her body, and let you keep her as your toy.

  • I'd let you video it, and do her as many times as you'd like

  • Love to watch that video of me f--king her lovely underage p****, seeing my c** run from her p****

  • I'd love to watch you c** in her tight young p****.

  • You'd love her in all the right ways.

  • Who wouldn't watch that

  • I'd watch that video over and over again.

  • Definitely and watch you c** as many times as you want make her yours

  • Love to, my youngest so far was 8

  • How do you sleep with an 8 yr old? That p**** would be tight as H***. Did she c**?

  • My stepsister I started doing stuff when she was2 and after the first time Ifucked her until she was 17 when I left home I made hercum many times

  • My mum babysat her , I was 15 and quite often was home alone with her, her mum lived next door and was a single mum

  • Bet it felt great! I'd love to watch you bang this girl out. As many times as you'd like. She's definitely ready for a real man in her life.

  • As the uncle of this girl I wouldn't let anyone near her, but apparently another guy wants his raped, or messed with. I was messed with as a kid it's something you carry your whole life. A grown man wanting to do that to a kid isn't right. Kids aren't play things, but our beloved Trump isn't so innocent either. He likes them young as well. Look at the things he's said about his own daughter. Yet people think the sexual assault allegations are false. "Grab them by the p****!" How many times has he stood trial, and been convicted? I'll wait!! We would get thrown under the jail for less than politicians get by with.

  • Rape is NEVER right, threats and abuse are not either but if she wants it then fine nothing is better than nice young tight p****

  • She definitely wants it.

  • Do it as many times as you'd like

  • She would never leave my bed, moth, ass and p**** dripping my load

  • F*** her good and make her your w****

  • I bet she'd enjoy your c***, and c** in her young p****. She'd fall in love with you on the first night it sounds like. F*** her good all night, and do it again. Let me watch as you break her in, and make her moan.

  • If I was her uncle her cherry would have been popped long ago

  • She can be your little girl

  • Wow that's just odd

  • I'm the same way but I don't have anyone I can tell. It was the first p*** I ever watched and it just turned me on so much. My parents would never let me date a black guy so right now it's just a fantasy. I understand what your niece is going through.

  • I'm sure there's an older one in your area that might fulfill your fantasy.

  • Tann her ass

  • Hopefully she has parents who will support her fantasy. you need to help her at least talk with her mom if not she'll find a way to do this on her own if not already. As a black father who had a son in high school he was warned to avoid these type girls. if her parents aren't aware of her desires they may blame the boy. my stepdaughter just pulled that crap on her older ex boyfriend. luckily i met with him & his mom to get their side of the story. my wife was in denial about her daughter who was far from being a virgin. help your niece understand its not a game and her actions has consequences.

  • My mom raises her, but pretty much let's her do whatever she wants as far as disrespecting our grandma, to myself. She thinks she's grown. She was sexually abused by her stepmom, and biological father when she was younger along with other siblings that were in that house. I'm a protective Uncle, but there's only so much that I can do. I can't really parent her without my mom butting in, and taking over. Which consists of yelling, and threatening. It's a messed up situation for all of us here. I appreciate your feedback, and will talk to her more whenever I have the chance.

  • Lucky stepmum and dad both getting her tiny p****

  • I don't know all the details. All I know is they made all the kids do stuff together. She did date a black kid recently, but didn't go the distance with him. The p*** she watched really got her mind going, and that's what she wants to experience.

  • We can watch some p*** and do what they do, 13 is a bit old for me but still nice n tight

  • To each their own though.

  • I wouldn't know I don't mess with little girls. Mine are usually in their 30's and 40's

  • Mine too but I am talking months not years, hot getting her pull ups or panties off

  • Take the 0's off! not for f--king but such nice hairless p****

  • We should be friends I love bald p**** too.

  • Poor girl and your a good uncle..

  • Wow, you are so f****** gullible. Hey, I got some ocean front property in Arizona for sale.

  • Why don't you find something better to do than try to start fights online. I'm glad you know what's going on in other people's lives. You must work for the government.

  • Lf my daughter or niece said anything like that. l would redden the a*** off them..

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