Meth makes me h****! Get high and Crossdress fantasizing.

Normally i smoke weed but every once in awhile i get some meth. i only smoke it. anyway, i am open-minded i also love to wear panties and lasy clothing too. I go with what makes me h**** or whatever. but when i am alone and smoke it.....MY GOD the first puff goes right to my c***. and thats all iwant then a man to have s** with. sucking his c*** f****** him, him f****** me. him sucking my c***. him pushing me to my knees infront of him. i 'd undo his zipper pull out that almost hard c*** of his trousers, the tip sporting a lil precum, i genty lick it off. and suck him till hes hard. anyway i want a hard c*** im my mouth and ass sooooo bad. id make him c** so f****** hard we woul;d both scream out in bliss all from that lilttle bit of meth i smoked before that. and if he smokes irt too and is wanting to have man fun! F****** EVEN BETTER. gotta go now my c*** got hard typing this ha!

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  • Same here I smoke meth and instantly want to be f***** wearing sexy ladies under garments/ lingerie

  • Im so h**** any 6ne c** share my c*** and pipe

  • Suck my c*** I want to c** In your mouth

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