My gorgeous 3 Aunts and 4 of my smokin sexy first Cousins

I can’t take it anymore! My Aunt J and I kissed back in 2002. It was a dare but my hands wondered and so did hers. I was ROCK hard and she knew. Her married daughter and I are secretly in Love too. And, we have been forever. We grew up together and around 11 yrs old, she told her friends “If M wasn’t my cousin, I’d marry him in a heartbeat because he is gorgeous”. I told them to tell her that I feel the same way. That’s when we fell in love, and both knew it. We never acted on it til years later. But, her Mom will continue to be a part of my life sexually. That face, ass, b******, and those perfect lips. My Aunt J posted this confession while we were just on the phone on another site. We all get off confessing anonymously about each other. Let’s remember that Cuz A+M= My #1 & A perfect life. J+M= Great love but missed on age. Aunt P+M=2 freaks! Cuz E+M= Great s** and a perfect 10 on the ass, l***, and my type, a shorty. Cuz L+M= possible marriage as Libby is elegant and beautiful, wife material. Cuz J+M=S** only, and Aunt B+M= Finally slept together but not into it. Great head though! So J’s confession....
“I am beyond attracted to my nephew, who now is an almost flawless looking man. Once he turned 17, we could all see the change as he became a gorgeous man. I masturbated to him when he was around 19. I was ASHAMED afterwards but couldn’t help it. My body was screaming his name, but my head was telling me to keep cool. I had never felt that attraction before. When he hugs me, I smell him because I literally get wet. The pharamones I assume because my best friend and daughter both say, “God, he smells Amazing”. I remember this time, which was almost 20 yrs ago, because I came to stay with my sister and her husband. And, at that time, my nephew “M” was still living with his parents. He had just started to date this girl who his parents did not like. He ended up moving in with her but that’s down the line 6 months. Anyhow, I had flown in, he picked me up at the airport which I wasn’t expecting. So, it’s awkward for me as I’ve been masturbating to his Facebook photos. My sisters son! And, my married daughter has been in love with him for 30+ years. They grew up together. Another time for that crazy love story.
So, I stayed with my sister for a month. M was always around the house if he wasn’t working. He was never wearing a shirt and always wore his basketball shorts with no boxers so I could see his beautiful c*** almost every day. Some shorts weren’t conducive to a great view. I was 41 at the time and looked good. M loves my ass, and I always would catch him staring at my b******. I had implants years ago. And my mouth, everytime we spoke, his eyes would gaze at my lips. He told my daughter that I have “c*** sucking lips”. I was OUTRAGED! In front of my daughter 😂 But ran home to my vibrator after I heard that.
My sister had left for the day around day 10 so it was M and I alone in the house. I asked to go in the pool and if he wanted to come in so we could catch up. He obliged and I purposely entered his room while he was naked. He jumped in the air and I pretended to be embarrassed. He came out and I apologized. He says “well, nothing to hide now and no one is here”. Then proceeds to take his bathing suit off and jump in the pool. He dared me to follow which I did. But, that was after me telling him the whole “Inappropriate” thing. It was a little awkward but he lit up a joint. I hit it for the first time in many years. Calmed me down. He started to kiss the back of my neck as I felt his hand touch my ass. I was stuck. Couldn’t move. I told him we can’t do this. He kept kissing my neck, and his c*** was like a rock! Touching my ass and he put it in my hand. I couldn’t take it anymore so he turned me around, looked me in the eyes, and said, “I’ve been l****** after you since I was 12, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and I need to be inside of my number 1 Aunt”. That was it, we started making out and I was OUT OF CONTROL. WE Jumped out of the pool and ran inside to my room where we had the greatest 3 hours ever. He came inside of me 3 times and in my mouth once. I came 5 times and hard, ladies! We made love for years off and on. Now, my married daughter and M are being intimate I believe. I’m angry but can’t blame them. He called me today to ask me if I want to meet him in Miami for a 3 day aunt nephew vacation. I said yes. So I’ll let you all know how it goes. I just need his head in between my legs! Mat, I love you! 😘❤️💕 I miss that beautiful c***, my love! Obsessed Aunt J here”. Love my M!!
And, that’s my Love, my Aunt. Love my J, and I’ll be inside soon my love. Your daughter is coming for 2 nights next month so I promise to try and wear a condom. I sooo want to impregnate her though, J :/ love you


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  • I finally got em all! Scratched the last hot cousin off the list. My Aunt and my first cousin are here now with me now 😂 Woke up together after a nice night. Wasn’t mom and daughter but my cousin and our aunt. Loving it but I still need to finish inside Lib. Her sister is here. Best ass EVER! And we have pictures and some video I took that no one knows about. Just in case someone wants to get emotional and do something crazy. Plus, it’s hot!

  • Sometimes it just needs yo happen. It sounds like the start of an open relationship that requires a lot of communication and understanding.

  • Taking a lot of my time

  • Keep going

  • Wow, you really need to come back down to earth.

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