Showing wife pictures to friend

I recently decided to show my friend naked pictures of my wife. I get off on the idea of another male getting aroused while looking at my wife. I enjoy the thrill of sending him pics waiting on his response, unfortunately he’s more of the quiet reserved type and not giving me the verbal feedback I was hoping for. I’ve shared her pics with a couple guys before on Craigslist, but never with anyone I personally knew. The thing is they work together, so I love thinking about when they interact with each other that he’s seen her nude and has jerked possibly off to her multiple times...

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  • I’d love to see.

  • Send them to any guys who might encounter her. Like the bag boys at the grocery store or where she shops for clothes. Talk to guys at the mall and ask if they want to see photos of her. Maybe even send them to people at your church. It would be so hot for you to know your minister or priest has seen her naked and she does not know.

  • I like the way you think, send me more ideas

  • My colleague have some collection of p*** in his office computer and at times shows me few of them during the spare time. While my friend is not around I used to drop my wife's nude photos and our f****** videos, our faces blocked / blurred in his computer. Then casually I will approach him asking to show any fresh p*** he has downloaded and I would open my photos and videos and myself pass some comments. He astonished would say some dirty comments wondering how he had not seen such one earlier and how it was downloaded.

  • Love showing mine too

  • I show all my friends my wife's body I've done it in person

  • Please let them touch her too. That makes it even better. She has to stand there or sit with her legs spread, and they can touch her all they want.

  • Email me, would love to hear what happened

  • I love showing nudes of myself. Hubby has nudes of me on his phone. He has told me about showing them to others. It makes me h**** knowing his friends have seen nudes of me spread eagle. I love to think they all want me but can't have me.

  • Would love to see you spread eagle!

  • I'd love to see you nude. Please email me

  • Send to me

  • Want to see

  • would love to see you

  • I'd love to see them. Please email me

  • I show nudes of my wife to a male coworker of mine. He never says too much for fear of p****** me off. I ask him if he wants to f*** her and he only ever says "if you want me too". No dude, I want you to tell what you would do to my wife if given the chance to f*** her. You gonna smack her ass? Jam your d*** down her throat? F*** the s*** out a that hot little p****? What?

  • Send me some

  • Love to trade and chat

  • Please email me

  • Send me an email

  • Email me

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