Showing wife pictures to friend

I recently decided to show my friend naked pictures of my wife. I get off on the idea of another male getting aroused while looking at my wife. I enjoy the thrill of sending him pics waiting on his response, unfortunately he’s more of the quiet reserved type and not giving me the verbal feedback I was hoping for. I’ve shared her pics with a couple guys before on Craigslist, but never with anyone I personally knew. The thing is they work together, so I love thinking about when they interact with each other that he’s seen her nude and has jerked possibly off to her multiple times...

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  • I love showing nudes of myself. Hubby has nudes of me on his phone. He has told me about showing them to others. It makes me h**** knowing his friends have seen nudes of me spread eagle. I love to think they all want me but can't have me.

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  • I show nudes of my wife to a male coworker of mine. He never says too much for fear of p****** me off. I ask him if he wants to f*** her and he only ever says "if you want me too". No dude, I want you to tell what you would do to my wife if given the chance to f*** her. You gonna smack her ass? Jam your d*** down her throat? F*** the s*** out a that hot little p****? What?

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