Caregivers are taken for granted in some families. There comes a time when a caregiver needs a break. Even a few hours are appreciated.

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  • I am not bad ok and i wish people cared xxxxx

  • Sorry i cant talk with you and you were sound. l even told leah and shannon i was talk with you. lm after getting some drink anyway and stuff them xxxxx

  • Its clowie and hope you can see this xxxxx

  • Its clowie xxxxx

  • This site is crazy and its clowie xxxxx

  • Like i realy dont see the big deal xxxxx

  • Its clowie ok xxxxx

  • I'd heart this if it were written by a decent human being who doesn't crave attention more than air. The words are good, the poster not so much

  • So you think I crave attention. When people seek my advice I am not going to shun them away and be disrespectful.

    Many kids say they are being abused by their uncle or parent. Some have a ongoing constant abuse I do not like that one bit. So some of my language may be explicit but eventually the child opens up and says what is going on.
    It maybe that I am being used to fulfill their fantasy that may be so true. As long as it is a fantasy and not hurting anyone physically.

    My grand daughter and her daughter help out with talking with kids here also.

    Then we have those kids with cancer in the hospital that reach out and they are hurting. So you are telling me to slam the door in their face.

  • Good morning hun too you and my love too you and your gorgeous wife and rest off your family. l have had a bad time lateley. but we fight on like allways. lf there is any babys missing on here then let us no hun. l will look out for them and i see a copil more new babys on here. your wonderfull with them. luv your wife huggs xxx

  • Your treatments for cancer has been a rough journey.I am confident you will beat it. We do send our love to you.

  • Hello hun too all and my luv too all the family. im home for the week end and have being trying too keep eye on things here hun. before i forget hin go too a post called. my brother beats me. l check in later again hun and take care hugs xxx

  • Don't rise to this guy called 'Happynude!!'
    He's a serial poster ,and a serial poster of bullshit at that!!
    He starts of with random statements,then quickly turns perverted.
    He needs to get a life.
    And yes, caregivers choose that profession,so stop whining!!! If they can't handle it then they know where the door is!!!
    Do one lofty 👊

  • In a family situation SIR like a brother who is disabled needs attention a lot. So the sister helps out who is a little older by maybe two years. Her parents get to go here or there so she takes care of him. But when she asks for a break it never happens. I am speaking for these caregivers .
    Those care givers that are professional some are covered by some insurances but most of the time you pay out of pocket. That is their profession fine they chose that.

    So SIR let us have a fantastic discussion about perversion as you call it. Seems like there are other posts here not by me that is all you read about their sexual perversions. How they want to have sexual intercourse with their 11 year old daughter or niece or cousin .Most of them forced themselves on their relative.

  • Whoah there!!! What's that saying about people in glass houses.....?!! I ask EVERYONE on here to search Wife's panties, scroll till you find the post entitled that. There you will find me happynude engaging in peado chat!! Tho isn't the first time I've seen him crop up in similar circumstances,normal posts hijacked by the big/small freaks and oh hello,its happynude again.

  • We are so glad to help your fantasy my wife loves you. She does see the many fantasies that are created here.
    Oh by the way she thanks you in helping in the arrest .
    We look forward to your help in the future.

  • How can anyone take a cu.nt called happynude!! Seriously???😅😅

  • Thank you for the laugh.

  • You are being paid to provide care for another person who is unable to care for themself. Even a few hours is a lifetime of misery when you can't walk or move. My advice to you, find a different profession because your attitude sucks for being a caregiver. Maybe try prostitution, your mother liked it.

  • I am not a paid caregiver. Your insulting my mother. My sister and family help take care of my mother. They appreciate having some time for themselves.I take care of my wife. There are sisters who help take care of their disabled brother who would love to have a break.
    I suppose you are going to tell her to go be a prostitute ?

  • If that person doesn't then hey I will!!
    Go be a prostitute,you wizened old bag!!

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