I gotta do it once....maybe l

So for the past month I have been thinking about this lot. I'm 23f and just moved back into my moms house. Yeah I know right. But anyways she's got a new boyfriend and they just moved in together. And when he comes home from work he's always shirtless or after his workouts he's in nothing but these small shorts and holy f*** he's got a huge c***. And all I can think of is offering something anything to him. Whatever he wants. Now I'm nothing like my mom she super fit and I'm kinda chubby. So I dont even know if she would like me. Bit for the past couple of days I've been walking around the house with my tiniest clothing on and banding over in front of him in the kitchen. I want to get him in my room somehow and infer my mouth to him I'd deepthroat him so good. I'd even let him f*** me up the ass I'd he wanted. I just want to get f***** so bad.

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  • Oneluvjeez@gmail.com

  • Wanna share nudes?

  • Try wearing a really short skirt and no panties and sit so you show him your c***. See if that turns him on. You will be able to tell. Then just come out and admit you really want his d*** in all of your h****. I'll be he goes for it.

  • Well maybe you can use that blue vibrator instead. ;)

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