Jerking off with sister

One night i just watched incest p*** and i was tock hard . I started getting bad thoughts about my younger sister who share the bed with me so i started touched her b**** when I realised that she is pretended to be sleep i started sucking her b**** harder and harder than she just touched my hard rod so i let my d i c k out of my pants and let her grab it after that i remove my pants and put my hand in her panties and started fingering her she started jerking me off and we were kissing each other like s**** soon we climaxed and after that she turned around after that we didn’t talk to each other for months .



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  • Yeah, FBI, this guy right here.

  • Me and my sister m********* together all the time ,I'm 15 and she's 12 we been doing it for a couple of years,we both got same fantasies and both o***** together,it's fantastic.

  • Sexual experimentation between siblings is totally normal and some would say healthy.

  • I agree it's purely mutual masturbation.we dont do it to each other we just enjoy fantasising together and watching each other o*****,don't think there's any harm in it.anyone agree

  • I agree, and as you both get older i wouldn't rule out the possibility of s**. It is a really healthy way to grow up. I grew up like this with my sister and we look back on this with fond memories.

  • How old were you,could you and your sister o***** together like us when did you start to have full s** with her.

  • Hi, me and my sister started masturbating and giving each other oral s** when i was 15 and she was 13. It wasn't until i was 18 and she 16 that we started having s**.

  • I was thinking of oral s**,we seen it on p*** and my sister said she wants to try it.

  • How old are you and your sister?

  • 15 and nearly 13.

  • As long as you are both comfortable, oral s** is ok.

  • Is 69 the best or finally work up to that

  • 69 position is ok, if you both want to try it

  • Tried 69,I was licking her but she wanted me and licked the head of my c*** don't think she's ready to suck me yet think it will take time before she is ready she liked getting tongued and had three o******

  • Try smearing peanut butter or honey on your c*** and see if she likes that.

  • If your sister is of legal age there is nothing wrong with having consensual sexual contact with her. Just remember to use contraception.

  • Been doing stuff with mine since she was 4

  • How old is she know. So hot

  • That's OK. Forbidden s** is always better and forbidden o****** the most intense. S** with your own sister is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen. Just make sure that you don't actually fall in love and that you don't have children. I would advise you to maintain "special" s** with your sister and have a regular relationship or even a family with some other girl which is not related to you.

  • Some guys have all the luck, I tried to f*** my 8 year old niece in the ass once, I had to push really hard, when the head popped in she began to scream and I tried to get her to be quiet for just a few seconds because she was so tight that I was almost about to o***** with just the head inside her ass. Just 15 more seconds, but she was able to pull out from under, so I made her watch me m********* and she asked what it was that shot out when I orgasmed, I told her it was just some stuff that came out when I got done. She quit asking questions when I went down on her for the first time, she just wanted more of that.

  • All this crap about them being mentally harmed forever they want c*** as much as we want young p****, just be patient and gentle then soon she will be begging you to ass f*** her and p**** f*** her, for now enjoy eating her hairless p****

  • Im doing my daughter and niece.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm young p****

  • Their twins and ten

  • Love to watch them lick p*****

  • Just came in my niece....

  • Her age? did my cousin 8

  • I f***** my stepsister at 9, I had to look after her when both parents out,one evening she came into my bedroom I was wanking off and couldn't cover up in time,she only had a little white t shirt and panties on she asked if she could get in my bed ,she said she knew what I was doing,I asked her if she masturbated she said she did so asked her to do it with me she pulled her panties and top off she had hairless p**** and little breast buds,I sucked her nipples as she masturbated,I fingered her and got two fingers in her so asked her if she wanted my c*** up her,she was nice and wet and I slowly entered my b****** into her she moaned a bit but it kept going up her,she loved it and started f****** me it wasn't long before I shot a huge load into her tight p****.

  • Nice, the young tight p**** is best and love to watch them m********* very young

  • Have you seen any young ones masturbating

  • I finger my daughter's....

  • So f****** hot

  • How old?

  • Feels soooooooooooooooooooo good in the nice little c****

  • Dammmm rite it does

  • How old,does she get wet.

  • Two faughter's nine and eleven..

  • What age do you think a girl can take a man's c*** right up her

  • 12 mayba

  • I have heard of someone having full intercourse with a 9 yo

  • I dought it

  • My neighbours kid was 8 when I ducked her

  • Tight im betting....

  • It was heaven, never had nicer p****

  • She is just 15 teen and i am 17teen

  • Should have f***** her long ago, it's best before the hair grows

  • My hair grew at eleven. I was upset, even though I knew I would never have s** at that age.

  • Were you masturbating much at that age,some girls start masturbating quite young.

  • I love watching little ones touch themselves

  • Our son and daughter touch them selfs all the time at home and a few times in public...

  • Would you take a video would love to watch

  • Lovely, I would love to see them

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