Going shopping with your step daughter.

Somehow she knows that you would be more lenient than her mother. She wanted a new bathing suit. She picked out one it was a one piece it was black. Her mom was kind of hesitant but did admit her daughter was growing up and when she tried it on. Her mom realized how grown up she was. We did buy it it was expensive.
Step daughter was extra helpful around the house for weeks.

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  • I love taking little girls shopping. I like having a voice in what they wear. Plus you get them something a little questionable and they love you for it. Got my niece a see through bikini. Took her to a adult shop for it though. She has to keep it at our house and can only wear it when she's only with us. (Me, wife, my daughter)

  • Sweet and how old is she..

  • Just checking in hun and im so sorry too hare off your loss. my heart goes out too yous all as well as my love. before i forget hun go too post called i own her. please give my love too your gorgeous wife and all the family. huggs your wife xxx

  • Thank you it was a rough week. Sunday we saw her mother and told her the news. My wife's sister has some memory loss and we needed to take care of this carefully.

  • Good morning hun too you and your gorgeous wife. i messaged you a copil off days ago. i knew you woold be busy with the passing off your niece and her husband. it is so sad and i have being thinking off yous. i also see how busy you are with babys on here gun and give my love too all the family huggs xxx

  • Hope you are getting better. Your kids are getting older.

  • Hello hun and that is so sad and yous are on my mind alot. my love too all and huggs your wife xxx

  • Hello hun too you and your gorgeous wife and you have being extremley quite. l said copil days ago a baby girl is on one off your posts called. i own her and i think at this stage you may have lost her. its heart breaking reading their messages too you hun. my love too all huggs your wife xxx

  • We shall see if this text stays or is gone.

    We hope your battle with cancer is improving and that you are winning.

  • Hello hun and your so busy i see with all the babys here. i am home for a while. my love too all hun hugs xxx

  • You get to hug and hold your kids that is great.

  • I no hun and its wonderfull huggs xxx

  • Having both your kids on your lap at the same time.

  • Hello hun and my love too all huggs your wife xxx

  • Yes hun and their bought fighting for attention. im going too take a nice bath huggs xxx

  • Good morning hun too you and your gorgeous wife. i made a mistake hun and post i was suppose too message you about one off babys here was on post called. l own her and my love too all huggs xxx

  • Good morning hun too you and your gorgeous wife. go too post call. going shoping with your stepdaughter. my love too all hun huggs your wife xxx

  • I feel guilty for spanking my daughter.

  • She is ready to please

  • Doing house chores that is.

  • Gotta get good outfits for them to have during chores.

  • No, pleasing daddy

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