I love guys seeing my wife naked. She loves knowing that strangers see her.
She loves tributes loves pics of c**** against her pics.



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  • I too love showing my wife in action with me. I have uploaded our s** videos on various websites but blurring the faces and or only upto shoulder level videos. While enjoying with colleagues looking at pornsites, I would search out the titles made by me and would play my s** videos before the colleagues and it is interesting and thrilling to hear their dirty comments not knowing that the p*** actors are myself and my gorgeous wife. Once a colleague simply commented seeing me having an a*** f*** stating that Too h**** I want to f*** that big ass. You can feel the blood rushing through your veins.

  • I would be glad to tribute pics of your wife. I also enjoy tributes to my hot wife!

  • Hi. Ok. I sent some pics. Enjoy!
    I'd love to tribute your wife too

  • I actually send d*** pics to random people and jacking live or being watched is my favorite !!et us 3 get to know each other thru pics

  • Ok. I will send you something.

  • Please send me the pictures

  • You gonna tribute her?


  • Send pictures, love to see.

  • Love to cover her pics with my goo!

  • Please send me her pics!

  • I have sent a friend sexy naked pics of my wife naked close up of her spreading her wet p****, c***, and p**** lips.

    In hopes he recognize her, j********** seeing my wifes pics. Knowing he wants to have s** with her. I want her to enjoy his c*** in her p****.

  • I would love to see them please.

  • Same here I have a ton

  • My girlfriend took some nudes of herself and then sent one to her coworker as a joke. He is the IT guy and kind of a nerd. So she likes to f*** with him all the time about still being a virgin at 27 years old. He sent back a picture of his iPad with her picture on it. He was holding his d*** above the picture and had c** all over the iPad screen. She did not expect that to happen.

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  • My wife is very conservative. She never dresses in revealing clothes and a low cut blouse is taboo to her. When we first got with each other it took forever before we had s**, and then when we did it was with the lights off. She is a very attractive woman, maybe 130 lbs with nice C size t***. She has a cute little round ass and a trim midriff. So I'm not sure why she is so conservative. She finally started letting me see her naked after we finally got married. We went on vacation for the first time fir our honeymoon. At the pool she wore a f****** one peace swimsuit. I asked her what the h*** and she responded that I was lucky she was wearing that. Normally she wears shorts and a tee shirt.

    Eventually I got her to open up and now she wears a bikini. I got her a sheer white bikini but she refused to wear it. I then got her a see through bikini and finally convinced her to wear it to a hotel pool during the winter. I think there were maybe 3 rooms rented that night in the whole place and the pool was in the basement. So very low risk. But it worked and now she wears the sheer white bikini around others.

    We went out for dinner the other night and I convinced her to wear a low cut blouse. She came out of the bedrooms and the top 3 buttons where undone. Her cleavage was stunning and on display. When she moved just right you could see her sexy bra. I got a h****** immediately, but what almost put me over the edge is when she told me she was wearing the matching thong panties. I caught several guys checking her out that night, but luckily she was too embarrassed.

    I would love to take her to a nude resort or a nude beach, but everytime I bring it up she tells me not only h*** no, but f****** h*** no. I think if I keep working on more and more things she will eventually agree to the nude beach. She has already come so far from when I first met her. I guess she just needed someone to convince her that she really is hot.

  • Nice

  • Sounds like it. Take her to a drive-in movie theater & sit real close to her. Inform her to wear a dress or skirt so you can finger her wet p****. She will eventually let you into her v*****, but it might be very tight & very b***** & messy the first time. However, she will eventually almost demand that you get an erection & stick it in her before the movie is over.

  • You must have missed the part where he said she was his WIFE. Are you f****** retarded?

  • This is true for most girls that are a little hot & ready for their first hard p**** between their legs. Some girls even carry condoms with them, so if he wants to f*** her, she will have some protection. Most young teen guys c** quickly when the girl has very little on. Also these girls enjoy the feeling of the first time his tool is starting to separate her vaginal lips. I know I did, but could not wait until it was deep in me. My first time was quick & he pulled out quickly to avoid filling me up with his thick seamen. Most of his seamen was on my bare
    belly & I HAD his tool in my hand. We began doing it frequently so he could last longer. It worked, but my thing got very sore & swollen vaginal lips. He learned that when I was close to my period he would dump his entire load inside me. I love the feeling of his hot stuff inside me. Will never forget the feeling I got when we were swimming nude & he came inside me along with the cool pool water. We were lucky that I never got pregnant, because we did it frequently. He had a big problem because his foreskin was always sore, I was too tight. He would never allow me to suck it, but I didn't want too.

  • I can surely relate. When we were younger we got into swinging. But she was also an exhibitionist and loved exposing her hot body. Most of our male friends saw her nude. Some were made to look accidental and some were when we were having a 3 some with them. But it seemed to be even hotter if it was a total stranger and they got to see every inch of her hot 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body with her long red hair and green eyes she was hot. And we started doing this when she was 18 and continued until she was around 40. And it was absolutely amazing if she was able to seduce them and suck there c*** or f*** them. As I watched and was usually hiding somewhere watching. She liked being seen nude so much in the late 70's she entered 2 magazines amateur nude photo contest in gallery and genisis. We took the pics in a hotel and she posed in a way to partially hide her face. And no one would be able to recognize any of the furniture.

    I lost track of how many guys she sucked off or f*****. But I remember most of the experiences in detail. And sharing them is a way to relive the fun we use to have. And I was able to get the chance to be with a lot of hot girls too. And even had some hot ffm 3 some action as my wife is bi. So I can relate your experience's. Sometimes we'd put one of her pics not showing her face up in a public place and watch people stop and check it out. Would love to see your wife but im more of a t**

  • Send those pics

  • I'd love to see pics of her.

  • I will show u some hot pics email

  • Luv to see some hot pics


  • I sucked my mother in law's toes before

  • Been sharing my wife’s ass pics for years online and jacked off many times online with other guys while we look at her ass pics , so much fun sharing her and she has no clue

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  • Please send me her pics:

  • Sorry,

  • I've shared naked pics of my wife online too.

    I was the guy who took her virginity, and when we first got together no man had seen her naked body since she was a child, which makes the idea of exposing her so much hotter! In the time we've been together she's gotten a lot more open, but to this day only 4 other men have gotten to see her beautiful, sexy body naked in person. One has gotten to f*** her. Many, many times. What she doesn't know is that probably hundreds of strangers have seen her naked photos and videos. Based on the comments and emails I've gotten, probably dozens of men have stroked while fantasizing about f****** her. I have photos that been sent back to me of her pictures covered in their c**, and a couple have sent me videos of them c****** to her.

    I absolutely love it. I even met up with a guy once and sucked him off while he watched videos of my wife f****** another man.

  • Send me her pics:

  • Sounds like fun, I'm hard already. Has she ever let another guy see her naked or have s** with them? If not would you like that?

  • I love nothing better than watching my wife suck another guys c***. It fkn rocks! dressed sexy and definitely in sexy high heels... turns her in to no end that it turns me in so much. I c** gallons over her. Do u and ur wife still play?

  • Yes. Let me know if you need a guy. No strings.

  • You have an email to get a few pics?


  • Send me some oh her.

  • Will do. Give me a minute or two.

  • Send me some

  • Please send some to me...

  • Can I get them too?

  • If you'd like to share some pics I'd love to j******* looking at your

  • I love to

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