Sending nude of my gf.

I am mail 26yo. I been in a relationship for a year. She loves sucking my c***. But sometimes I take videos of her sucking my c*** without knowingly and send it to guys in random chatting app. They reply with their h****** and I love having them complement my lively gf. I feel terrible after I c** and I erase the app to cover up my tracks.

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  • Try sending some to your male friends. They will be impressed. Nothing wrong with what you are doing. Show off her skills and her love of you.

  • I love showing mine too

  • I only send through snapchat asmodeusito666

  • Send me some

  • I only send through snapchat asmodeusito666 hahaha

  • I do the same

  • Would love to see some

  • What's ur email

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