Not gay but drawn to c****?

I am straight male 25yo. I broke up with my ex who I loved very much and I guess I wanted to destroy myself or something so I went onto grindr and got an older white guy to visit me. Oh btw im asian 165lb 5'9". Anyways he comes over, he started to kiss me and I drop on my knees and started blowing him. He pulls me up then have me in like 'head-lock' position but on my waist with me facing back. He played with my butt which I forgot to shave... Oops. Then he started spanking it. I moaned a bit. Then he had me belly down on my bed and pulled my c*** between my legs and played with it and started eating my hairy ass. Gosh idk how he did that. Anyways he tried to penetrate but I was so tight he couldnt go in. So he just rub himself between my tiny cheeks and when he said he was about to c** I told him I wanted to drink his c** so he laid back and I sucked him til he came. I realized so much later after he came that he did.. It just felt warm and I didnt wamt to swallow so I spit it on his c***.. Haha he said it was a pleasant surprise. Anyways. I dont ever want to have s** with men nor wanna blow men. But I wanna j*** off to c****... Wtf? Oh I was so scared right after, I went to CVS and bought a HIV test kit haha and found out that I meeded to wait 3 months to test anyways.

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  • Face it. You want C***. Many guys who live straight lives are actually obsessed with c***. That's why they go to the gym to scope out d***. They think about couples f******, but think mostly about the c*** going in and out and how it looks and smells and tastes. You are normal...just go for it and don"t waste these important years in your life. Get as much c*** as you can.

  • Next time take it in the ass and let us know how that goes.

  • This is cute. No such thing as straight. Don't be afraid of who you are bro. You say you don't want it after the fact he tried to enter you and you blew him. Just so you know you can't get hiv through oral unless there is an opening into the bloodstream. Since he didn't inter you. You should be good. Next time be ready with a condom. And it's good you got a testing kit.

  • Exit Only !!

  • Yeah that is what I was feeling at the time. Lol

  • I think I know. You're bisexual.

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