B****** to son

I am 32 year old lady Who live with my 7 year old son and my 34 year old husband. We live in 2bhk flat . When i was 24 i got merried i was happy because my husband used to do s** with me all the time but after the birth of my son my husband barely do s** with me now like once in 3-4 months . I was like no problem its fine . But my son is a little noughty he still suck my milk . So lately i started getting turned on by it . But he didn’t know a thing about s** .
( my husband know that he suck my milk even know )
So after some time my husband started night shifts . So me and my son was alone one night he asked me to drink my milk so I just got turned on by thinking about it so i make a condition that he have to give my his milk to so i will gave him my milk . He said how can i gave u milk so I just asked him embarrassingly that it should be a secret between u and me . So he agrees then i just strip him naked and i got naked too . We saw each other bodies naked many time before bathing but this time i was dropping wet .
I asked him to sit on bed and i got on my knees and started touching his d*** it was to soft , small and hairless . He did not get hard . So he drink my milk and fall asleep then the other night I started teaching him how to kiss after that we kiss a lot to each other . After a week he get hard just by kissing me so i stripp him and ask him to gave me his milk then i just started sucking his hard little milk bottle. It was not so big but i was getting excited by it so i suck him harder and harder he said mama i am feeling wierd .
So i asked him r u feeling pleasure so he said I don’t know i countinued my b******* untill he gave my his real milk . His d*** was small and slim but it took my a lot of time to make him c** and his c** was very thick . Thicker then my husband. I drank all of his milk . And then he asked me that it was his milk i said yes and i told him not to tell anyone about it after that he drink milk from my b**** and we fall asleep .
Next day he just asked my husband that did he gave me his milk . I just got scared and I suddenly changed the topic by saying that he is talking about doing house work like cooking food and helping drinking milk .
After that we i told him not to start this topic with this anyone ever and he promised. After that i am giving him blow jobs my husband don’t know about it . I was feeling bad about it so i am confessing .
What do u thing I should stop it or not . Help me everyone .


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  • Im a boy. Add me on snapchat girls. Andyc2104 I wanna play.

  • Hi again kkk

  • Hi how old im 11

  • Are you milking him now??

  • Love to suck his c*** too

  • Let you talk with him here later if you wish. l spanked him yesterday for attitude. l will let you talk. with you here later...

  • My son c*** and he is yen

  • If this is true, keep in mind that he is just a 7 year old kid. You shouldn't do this to him. Yet. :) I started masturbating at the age of 12, so I would advise you to let him enjoy his childhood. If you'll be still turned on by him some 8-9 years from now, when he will be 15-16 years old, then go for it. Seduce him with shiny pantyhose (the most powerful seduction tool on the planet) and heels and enjoy; but not before he turns 15 or 16.

  • Start sucking them young , still in pull ups

  • I love when they can't talk

  • Boy is pretty young to produce milk for you

  • Mine has just started too c**.

  • Where can i find you to fuckk u sweetie

  • For real..

  • Yes my love

  • I give my children oral..

  • Girl/boy? how old?

  • Twin boy's 9 allmost 10 and girl's 9 and 11.!

  • Their knickers would be sweeeeeeeeeet

  • I would love all 4 in bed

  • Love you too join us..

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  • Im so wet rite now. would you discupline them also for me..

  • I will make them behave by rewarding them sexually when they do, are you rubbing your wet p****?

  • Spanking would be required at times also.

  • Die you DIRTYPAKI

  • BS.

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