I am asian male 26. I wish my c*** was bigger. Wtf god. Why u make it so average. 5.5"? Come on man.. You run out of clay or some s***?

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  • This isn't a problem at all. Not in the slightest. I have 17cm (6.7") long shaft, far above the global average of 13cm, and most women cannot take its full length.
    I only wish I was taller, because that is the No.1 reason every woman on the planet will turn a man down. That's all what matters for 98% of women. Height and nothing else. Women lie that they care about character, humor, style, but that's all lie in 98% of cases. I'm 175cm /5'9", but would like to be 182 cm.

  • Thanks. I think height doesn't matter so much! Your height is fine! Perfectly nornal you know. I think looking more "fit" matters more. Like abs.. Haha

  • Sucks to be you. My d*** is 9 inches plus. I never know how big my d*** was until I had slept with several different women. At first I didn't believe anyone when they would say thongs like omg, you are so big. I thought they were just being nice. After I slept with more and more women and all of them said the same I finally realized I did have a big one.

  • Wish my d*** was bigger I’m only 6.5” my girlfriend told me her ex was a lot bigger, and had much bigger b**** too..

  • No,you said you were Asian,so not clay,but $hit 💩

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