Showing my p**** to over men

I love to go to Walmart with no bra on and no panties and flash over guys my bald p****

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  • Walmart? I bet you smell like cigarettes and old cheese

  • My husband loves it when I flash guys. We went out for dinner just last week and I had on a skirt, stockings and garterbelt with no panties. We took our seats at a nice table and ordered drinks and our food. The food had just arrived when a couple came in and sat diagonally across from us, with the man facing me. I honestly had no intentions of flashing anyone that night eventhough my husband loves it when I do. Anyway the man kept looking my way checked me out. So after the fifth or sixth time I caught him I decided to give him a little show. I slide my left leg to the side of the chair opening my skirt and exposing my v***** in his direction. The look on his face when he noticed was the best. He kept trying to look but not get caught. I decided to push it a little further and reached down rubbing my v***** and c***. I thought he was going to f****** die when I did that. Then I closed my legs and pulled my skirt back down. When he looked up at my face I just winked at him.

  • That's naughty. LOL. Try wearing shiny pantyhose without panties, mini skirt and open high heels. Pay attention at male crotches. ;)

  • Add me on snapchat girls. Im a boy. I love to play. Andyc2104. Say play so i know where u got my snap.

  • Like seeing the p**** before it gets hair

  • Over? Are you f****** retarded.

  • No wasn't paying attention as×××××!! I hope that made you feel big and superior cause you got to correct someone !! What are you a college professor?? I doubt it but anyway have a nice f××××× life douchbag!-

  • Ignore him I love girls flashing me their bald p****, love to get you in the change room at wal mart and lick it for you

  • Ok u can lick me

  • I would love too...please tell the time u ll b there i will eat you like a maniac b****

  • I would tongue your ass too while I finger f*** you, let the wal mart folks hear you squeal and moan

  • Mmm, love eating puss and ass... the younger the better.

  • Maybe you should pay attention. You f****** did it twice. Once is excusable, twice is just plain f****** retarded. Pay attention next time.

  • I'm literally screaming OLDER at the computer *facepalm*

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