Well let ne start by saying that I let my used panties laying around where my stepson can get them he take them and sniff them and jacks off in them I saw him do it he went into bathroom for 5 mins when came out he went into my room and put them in the dirty hamper I didn't let him see me I went in and got them out of the hamper and their was a huge load c** in them

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  • Pervert........

  • Nice

  • I let my bf son sniff my dirty panties. Hi is 13 and needs some relief at his age. He doesn't think I know but mummies know. I leave them for him. He really enjoys my gym panties the amount of cu m in them is astonishing.

  • I cought my 11 year old with his sister's

  • How old is she?

  • Six

  • Well u should of gave him ur dirty c** used panties and let him eat ur p****

  • He is a bit young at 13 to eat my p**** but he gets the next best thing. Maybe when he is older.

  • Is he there now.....

  • Wghat does he look like

  • ? do yous spank him as part off discipline.!

  • ? describe him too us..

  • I love him

  • Ur mad they wasn't. Ur

  • I hope you did not scold him or yell at him.

  • My husband is way too controling..

  • My husband spanked him..

  • That is so wrong to spank him. A natural curiosity your son has.

  • As i said it's my husband..

  • Your husband just does not understand.

  • He is so up tight. l have seen my son and daughter masterbating openley in lounge. l would tell them too go too their room's if we had company..

  • Good for you how you handled that.

  • The post's are so bad here..

  • It's natural and they are still young and thank you..

  • As a mother you understand very well.

  • He need's too relax more..

  • I apprecciate that. lf i could get my husband too relax a little..

  • Maybe you should m********* him so he can relax.

  • Love too amd he is very tradisnal in our s** life. l would love too try diffrent thing's. l'm ashamed too say this. but i get turned on if i seey son or daughter masterbateimg..

  • I would love to watch then doing it

  • You still there..

  • Then for you mother maybe you should join your children in masturbation.
    This way you can teach them how to be careful. Finger nails trimmed. Lubrication.

  • WTH is wrong with you?

  • Your kids have never seen you m********* ?

  • Thanks again..

  • I feel even guilty thinking about watching them..

  • You will get over the guilty part and your kids will enjoy the company. They can ask questions if they have any.

  • Looking at some off your post's l love your life style..

  • Sight is extremley slow..

  • Husband is away over night with his work..

  • Go and see your kids and talk to them about your thoughts.

  • I love your view's on alpt off things..

  • I'm makeing tea at moment. l dont know how too approch subject..

  • You can explain that you know about them masturbating and that you are cool with it and you will not tell their father that it is your secret. Get them to be comfortable as your self. Tell them that you have some suggestions for them and they can ask any question of you without laughter or telling them that any question is silly.

  • Is it wrong that im wet..

  • Not at all dear . Hope you then gently rubbed and caressed your p**** , fantasizing about someone j*****g off with your panties ..

  • All normal reaction do not feel guilty.

  • Its so bad on this sight. l'm sorry it takes's so long too respond..

  • Thank you. l will get them bathed after they have finished their tea..

  • Yes I let my stepson and friends have my dirty used panties. and after they r done I lick and suck their c** out of my panties

  • That is hot keep it up

  • I wear my wife’s panties everyday and she helps me j******* in them. She thinks it’s sexy.

  • My nephew does this all the time. I have only been married to his uncle for a couple years now. I noticed that my panties would disappear. Mostly after he had been over. I setup a spy camera in the laundry room and caught him. When I confronted him her freaked out and begged me not to tell anyone. I told him I wouldn't if he stopped taking my panties. I got a shock when he asked if I would rather he put them back in the hamper after he finished in them. After my shock wore off I told him that it would be better than me having to buy new panties all the time. Now he stops by maybe once a day during the week and I hand him a pair of my panties. He goes into the bathroom and a few minutes later he returns and puts my panties in the washer and leaves. I thought he was f****** with me, but I checked my panties a few different times, and sure enough there was a big load of c** in the crotch of my panties. He has asked me for my bra a few times, but returned them with no c** in the cups. I assume he is either sniffing the bra or cupping his b**** with it. I really don't know and I haven't asked. Any ideas what he could be doing with my bra?

  • Add me on snap chat. I love to play. Im a boy Girls only add me. Andyc2104.

  • Yes he did wrap them around. His c*** and I made him eat my p**** I gave a taste of stepmom sweet c** juice

  • Oh God mommy take me and use me xx

  • I started sucking and touching my son from a baby , taught him to lick mummy's p**** and he had his c*** in me the first time at 7, why should it just be guys that like young?

  • My don is ten and i give him oral..

  • I give all my son friends. Head let them f*** me and eat my p****

  • Isn't young hard c*** so sweet?

  • You on here......

  • Yes

  • Who you ok

  • Well

  • He is here..

  • ? would you like too talk with him here..

  • Wrap them around his d*** and j*** him off mum

  • Well yes he did and I made him eat my p**** and I c** in his mouth I gave him a huge drink of stepmom sweet p**** juice

  • Suck his d***

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