Being top less.

Seems like some people are very upset with seeing female b******. Breastfeeding or just gardening in the yard men can be top less but not women.
Society has made so much fuss that women need to have their b****** covered.

Yet people pay money to see females perform in a bar or strip show.

When they can have the laws changed and women can be top less wherever men can be top less.

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  • I think you should realise when majority of the comments are people sexualising your b****, it's the same thing if men were to walk with no pants on. You cant be topless due to it being indecent, but not for males as we dont have t***. You said that people pay money to see them strip but that's for sexual activity, not just sitting there doing nothing. there is a massive difference

  • I am a dad and grandpa to set things straight.
    Women in history were top less all the time .
    Society wanted the women to cover up their b******.
    Then wearing bras and then deal with red bra strap marks on their body.
    There are some men that have bigger b****** then some women and they go top less. What a double standard.

  • Love it..

  • I love it when women breastfeed in public. Let me see those t*** ladies. You want to get them out, I will look at what ya got. F*** ya. I think women should walk around topless.

  • OMG U PERV I AM NOURISHING MY CHIIIIILD *whips out other one for no good reason* HOW DARE YOU OBJECTIFY ME *takes four selfies for Instagram* STOP STARING AT MEEEEE *flips greasy hair*

  • I dont care, run yo mouth all you want b****. I'm still looking at you t*** while you run that c** trap.

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  • I love t******. I am all for you women getting them puppies out and showing them off. F*** ya, get them t****** out.

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  • I'd love to smell your sister in laws fart! Is she a big girl? Was it potent?

  • I will never understand why women's b****** are an issue while feeding her child and also making the poor baby hide under a blanket (i know some woman do feel more comfortable that way so no judgement) but its become the standard now, its very sad! Also it REALLY sucks that we have to be covered in a piece of clothing when it 100 degrees out, its just cruel and unfair! lol there are actually spas that you can go to (make sure they are safe though DO YOUR RESEARCH) where you can just be free and comfortable in your body...its freeing but again i'd never judge another women for wanting to cover up either its her body!

  • Was sitting in the mall with my friends one time when this woman came up and sat down across from us. She pulls out her b*** to start feeding this kid but she didn't have the kid ready. So we're sitting there checking out this woman with her b*** hanging out and she catches us. Needless to say she started b******* at us for being little perverts. I told her f*** you lady, you came over and pulled out your b***. Who's the s***? She said she was going to report us to mall security, but the guy just laughed at her and told her she shouldn't do that where teenage boys could see her. She was so mad she told him she was going to sue us all. F*** you b****, but I sure did enjoy checking out your b***. Dumb b****.

  • Exactly. People who cheer on attention hungry sows like this deserve all the contempt they get, and more.

  • Never fails the comments from bad people.

  • Never fails,the remarkably repetitive posts from bad people :))))

  • Yes,I just ignore them,I know I'm doing no harm in feeding from my breast as god intended

  • And we're going to judge you for being stupid,as god intended

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  • History lesson. Less than 100 years ago men couldn’t go topless either. It took the movie Tarzan to change that. So don’t act like the topless ban is some eternal misogyny thing. Times will change. Where I live it is totally legal for women to walk around topless, so be patient. It’ll happen where you are.

  • It may be legal, but how many women actually walk around topless? Not a whole h*** of a lot.

  • Damn shame!

  • I am a lactating female and I breast feed in public. I cover up but do enjoy looks from men specially teen boys. It makes me want to show more breast for the reaction

  • Do you like showing your p**** too?

  • I do flash my knickers when I wear a short skirt. My husband is not physical lately so I like the attention I get from men of all ages.

  • Oh you dirty girl!! I'm guessing you're English due to your use of the word knickers! I'm English too, and I love getting a glimpse of gusset! I bet yours must smell gorgeous after a day out shopping and getting wet at the thought of men peeking!!
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  • Just fed baby while naked on bed thinking you are between my legs and feeding from me as well. Never been so wet.

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  • Mmm i missed you! That would be hot,id pick some for you to wear,then help you get them filthy x

  • And happynudetard is at it yet again,it's just neverending.
    Ignore this if I'm right (never mind, I am right,the evidence is all over this site)


  • So you are the one I have been chatting all along with with so many different styles.
    It is fun that you like reading the responses and getting a thrill.
    Getting a thrill is your main objective. It appears that your childhood has been so sheltered and now you have freedom.

  • Hey stop jacking our conversation lol!! Me and the gorgeous Devonshire lass were having an intellectual chat about me stroking myself in front of her!!

  • Ever heard of free speech, we can do it too, including jacking your s*** LOL

  • Love to see a woman rubbing while I w***

  • Oh yes! My life is a sorry wasteland and I need lots of validation from anyone I can reel in. I have nothing to offer except my own body parts, which is how I got knocked up. My brain stopped developing around 12, but luckily my girl parts didn't. I also love pretending anyone who doesn't want to put up with my childish behavior is jealous, even though I know they're right and I really should just die :)

  • P**** would have been nicer at 12

  • Im 11 you no

  • More like 51

  • The problem is women, generally speaking. While some women say they want to go topless, most women are offended when a guy looks at her t***. When women stop getting offended everytime a guy looks at her t***, then maybe it would be more acceptable for them to go topless.

  • Apparently, it's allowed in sub-Saharan Africa, judging by National Geographic. Allowed, but not appealing.

  • There are places where that is accepted. I know of one law where it was passed. Topless in public protected. 2010 I think. IT came up as a topic last year because of a cop who didn't know his laws and arrested her for his bullshit assumption that it HAS to be against the law and arrest b**** on sight.

  • Was that in the states ?

  • Ontario in Canada.
    You two with the knickers. One of you has taken the bait from a guy who trolls perverts. Tells you everything you need to hear. Soon you are sending cash for naked pics that are free with 4 right clicks of the mouse.

  • Wait,you're telling me she's not real?

  • You have them of littlepussy?

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