Bare bottom f**** tanny

I’m a sweet little princess boy who’s been naughty, I want someone to come scold me over what I done take me to the bed room pull down my panties and beat my ass (belt) all night long in return I will let you tare my ass hole apart
Charlotte area



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  • Get on your hands and knees and arch that back, you little s*** >;)

  • Panties on or pull down?

  • My mom is a selfish b**** ok

  • Nobody cares

  • Ye i thought so you dumb b**** ha ha

  • F** off ok and she thinks she is the boss off me ok

  • Spank you till you cu m

  • I'd love to beat your bottom, barehanded, until you're red!

  • Mine too please

  • Yours? Aw, h*** yeah, I'd beat yours. I'd beat yours worse. Much worse. Because you need the beating worse than the first guy. Yeah, I'd beat yours. I'd beat your ass so hard that you would be spraying that delicious c** of yours from one side of the room to the other, and up to the ceiling, and covering the windows, and making giant puddles on the floor. Can I make you c**????!? You already know the answer. Don't you?

  • Yes I know the answer. You will spank me so hard I will cu m for you all over the room. You must tell me how disgusting I am though.

  • You surely are disgusting. Words cannot describe how much so. Your filthy behaviors are depraved and perverted, and your appetites are uncontrollable. But as you know, I see in you the prospect of being useful to a man who can control you with the administration of frequent and vicious beatings. A man such as myself. I can see that you will respond to those beatings in a positive, affirming way, because you will see them for what they are: love. You know that I beat you so much because I love you so much. You know that I know your wires are so badly crossed that love and punishment are seen as the same thing in your mind and so they produce the same responses in you. What are those responses? You know. They are your o******. I have never seen a man c** like you c**. You are amazing. You are gifted. The volume, frequency and duration of your o****** are off the charts. And the weight, aroma and flavor of your s**** are unexcelled. But no one has ever produced the level of o***** in you that I have. So, yes, I will beat you. I will beat you because you need it, the same way you need love, the same way you need oxygen. And as I beat you, and as you ask for more, we both know that what exists between us is love. I will have you. I will own you. And, God knows, I will make you c**.

  • Thank you for telling me how disgusting I am. I am jerking off now thinking the fantastic beating you are giving me on my bare bottom. I need it so badly so I can cu m so much for you.

  • You have learned your lesson well, darling, and are growing more eager for our sessions. So, I'll give you an extra spanking this morning. No implements, just my bare and open hand across your already-red and hungry and naked bottom. As I slap you harder and harder, with you bent over my knee, I can feel that insistent erection of yours pressing more fervently against the side of my thigh, and I's time. I silently urge you to stand, and you do so. And as you rise to your full height, your rod is at the level of my face. And it is beautiful and ready. And your b**** are loaded (actually, over-loaded) and primed just right. So as I part my lips and lean toward your shaft-tip, your jets kick in and you begin the fire-hose expulsion of your love. The first stream strikes the back of my throat, just clearing my teeth and tongue, because you are becoming expert at the directing of your spray, as if -- when you are with me -- you have laser-guided aim of each and every drop and globule, so as to be sure that you waste none of your spend: you know I love you and you know I treasure your rich, thick, delicious, fragrant cream. And with the first stream pouring down my throat, you pump and you pump and you pump and you pump and you pump and you pump and you pump and you pump and you pump, with ever-longer and thicker and more-voluminous rivers following behind. You continue to pump more and more love into my belly, until you pass out from the effort and the fluid-loss, and from the satisfaction of a job well done. Oh, darling, you have made me very happy with this o*****: not one drop spilled. Thank you for loving me, and for being such a delightful w****. And have a wonderful day.

  • Be too busy licking up your c**

  • Google BROOKE OLSEN! She lives in my town,and she's the most delicious T-girl ever

  • OMMFG!!!!! She's wonderful and magnificent!!!!! You are sooooooo lucky to know her and to live so close to her!!!!! JEALOUS!!!!!

  • Isn't she!!! I've had a sloppy bj from her and it was amazing, lovely ass on her too mmm

  • Oh....My....Mother....F******....God!! You actually got that spectacular creature to give you head?????!!??? Sweet Jesus! I just went back and looked at her pix again and realized the truth of one very important thing...…..


    She is so beautiful and so elegant, so knowing that you've gotten with THAT is an amazing thing, and speaks volumes about you. All good. All fantastic. Thanks for letting us know. You are now our HERO!!!!!!!!!

  • You do need your bare bottom beaten until you are red raw and screaming for me to stop. Of course you would have a rock hard co ck which I would force you to ram down my throat till you e********* your steaming hot creamy load down my eager throat. Than I would force you on your knees and pound your princess mouth with my swollen co ck and make you swallow my massive load. Then I would smack your princess face and leave.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm give me your c**

  • Would love to give you my cu m. My b**** are so swollen you would get a massive load in your mouth.

  • Lovely , then one in my ass

  • Absolutely my hard co ck pounding your tight ass.

  • No rubber I want to feel your c*** spurting your c** in me

  • I'd fill your guts with c**. You'd be leaking it out for hours. Days.

  • Age?

  • Please take my load. I am so desperate for a man to su ck me off.

  • I love sucking c****

  • Suck me please

  • Your age?

  • I'd suck you......and never ask your age. Why? Because I don't how old you are. I only care how big your d*** is.

  • I no this sounds crazy ok and im sorry. but im nearly 12 and when my mom spanks me my willy sticks up and my face goes realy red.

  • First we suck c**** then I want my willy in your lil p**** while I w*** yours

  • Once you're done with him, can I have next? He sounds soooooo nice. Please can have him when you finish???!?

  • Lets see if he can take both of us together

  • I love ^this idea^! It sounds so yummy! And I love your attitude! And I love you, too!

  • You think he can take 2 c**** in his p****? Such a tight f*** at that age

  • Depends on how horsey both you guys are

  • It's worth a try, isn't it??!? If it won't work, well, you take his ass, and I'll take his mouth......and then we'll switch.....he won't mind.....he's really such a good girl isn't he???????

  • Yes I am hard thinking about her lovely soft mouth and tight boipussy, taking her knickers down and enjoying her

  • She has a really really beautiful c***, doesn't she? So delicious.... Do you want to be the first to suck it? Or should I?

  • ALWAYS willing to suck young c***!

  • I totally agree. We need to get with her together.

  • You would look so pretty in panties. I would slowly pull them down and put you over my knees and spank you till you came all over me.

  • I'd like to be the one hittin' that.

  • LOVE young boys wearing knickers, makes my c*** SO hard

  • Effin A! I'm hard as steel right now! You are the man!

  • Makes me want to suck them

  • God yes! Same for me!

  • Lovely hard young boy c*** to suck

  • I'm sucking my nephews any chance I get

  • Tell us about him. How sweet he is. How hung he is. How long it takes to make him nut. How filthy he is. How often you rail him.

  • I would pull your panties down and put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom just because your grammar is terrible. You are very naughty boy and need my hand to spank you.

  • Are you really as delicious as you seem? Please tell more about yourself and your interests and your experiences and your desires and your kinks. But seriously, are you really THIS delicious??? WOW!!!

  • On here my kinks and desires?....... not a chance in h***!!!

  • Please use a real dating site that finds people close to each other. Then put out the bait.

  • Although I don't live near Charlotte, I would certainly come there to provide the discipline you obviously need. You can't -- CANNOT -- continue behaving this way, and you clearly refuse to take verbal instruction, or moderate yourself, so a girl like you needs an older man like me in her life to keep her trashy little ass in line. The boy in you wants to be in charge, but the girl in you needs to be controlled. With me in your life, you would have the oversight necessary to fulfill your destiny without going off the rails. You would have the love you need to feel complete, and you would have the protection from the dangers of the world that you are unable to avoid on your own. You would have the financial support that is absolutely essential to allow you to explore your sexuality without interruption for something as mundane -- and as utterly beneath you -- as employment. You would also be getting the beatings that your body and soul crave, interspersed with the joys of those all-night whippings, making you the happiest child in the history of love and punishment. With the new laws on same-s** marriage, we would become a formal couple, but you would never be precluded from side relationships, from the one-night variety to multiple LTRs of your choosing: in fact, those would all be encouraged to you. We are -- I think you already know -- meant to be together.

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