I'm a peaceful man but I could kill the bad step Dad on B****** O

Glenn Waddell needs to be burned at the stake.

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  • B****** Out Of Carolina

  • Thanks for the clarification. Now, how is this an actual confession? That was a work of FICTION. There are sites where your opinion on books or movies are actually welcome. This is not one of them.

  • Oh what's the matter, did he make you go out and play instead of getting fat in front of your xBox? Or maybe he shut off the internet so you can't watch p*** and pull your little pud.
    Grow the f*** up you spoiled little pud wacker.

  • Eat s***.

  • Lol, I f***** your momma last night. B**** took it up the ass like an old pro.

  • Hi w*****.

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