Drivers training.

When my kids were old enough to drive as they were learning. They were allowed to drive as long as a licensed parent was with them. Traveling country roads at first to get more used to driving. Then city driving and parking were next of things to do.
Then came winter and snow and slippery road conditions all were handled very well.
Driving on the country roads in early spring with very muddy conditions sometimes were a big challenge.
How did your teenagers handle learning to drive ?

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  • My mom wont let me even get lesson's off my dad. l'm 13 in five month's and their seperated. she is a jealou's b****.

  • *they're.

  • The cemetery or a parking lot

  • My Son learnt to drive by playing the grand theft auto computer games.
    He's now in prison for reckless driving and causing death through dangerous driving.
    Didn't help him like it helped your kids!

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