I caught my wife with a skirt/ no panties secretly flashing

I have been married for 18 years. My wife is super attractive and we always have the best s**. One day my wife and I were on a road trip from California to Kansas to visit family, when we got to Arizona we stayed at a nice hotel, and started our journey bright and early the next day. I noticed my wife had on a loose comfy shirt no bra, and a skirt. After being in the car several hours I noticed my wife kinda turning her hips towards her door and splaying her legs when we would pass a string of semi trucks. I asked if she wanted to stop and walk around, but she said if she turns sideways in her seat it's ok, no need to stop yet. We kept driving, and I began to see my wife only sat that way when we passed truckers. I didn't say a word, but thought it was odd. As we approached a long stream of truckers and we're ready to start passing them, my wife turned towards her side wind with her hips and put her left leg splayed, as we passed the third trucker, I caught a glimpse of her crotch in the windshield reflection. To my utter surprise, my wife was not wearing panties, and purposely flashing her p**** to truckers as we passed. The reflection was almost like a mirror the way the sunshine hit, and I could plainly see her bare p**** and how wet it was...glistening in the sun. I kept my mouth shut and continued to watch her flash her p**** to passing truckers. Each night on our road trip we had crazy hot s**, but now I know her little secret, and I'm not going to say a word and keep reaping the benefit.

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  • This was my experience. I wrote this story. It's factual, and it happened. I eventually told my wife I knew what she was doing. Iam an alpha male, military, etc... When I told my wife I knew what she was doing ( it happened on two other road trips) she acted dumb, then we both had a giggle, and she said, I wasn't supposed to confront her, just notice and get h**** too. So we play this game like I don't notice, and she secretly flashes truckers her p****, until sometimes I pull my c*** out and she is all over it. Flashing truckers is like foreplay to her in the car. She has given me b******* passing through 8 state lines now. Her little foreplay fantasy goes sour if I tell her to flash truckers, it's got to happen by her secretly, without me directing ( her little fetish). Nonetheless it turns us both on like crazy, and we never do it in an unsafe manner. If a trucker is driving squirly she won't flash him. The best flash she did was on a road trip where there was road construction. My car was literally boxed in with truckers on either side all going 2 mph. My wife had her legs splayed, no panties on, skirt up to her waist "sunning" her p****, and she was laid back in the seat with her eyes closed and headphones in. She didn't notice the road construction and slowdown ( at least I don't know if she did) and we stayed next to a trucker for 5 miles going 2mph and he had a perfect view of her p**** in the mid afternoon sun heading west. I had my sunroof open and could see him looking down at my wife's p**** with her window down. She stayed laid back with her eyes closed, but, she sure was wet when we stopped later. After almost 20 years of marriage, this has been a big spice in our s** life. BTW prior to 5 years ago, she barely would wear a skirt or dress, now she wears one daily, never with panties at my request, and she says she'll never wear panties again in a dress. She explains it as "freedom".

  • Sounds like you both found a way to energize your sexual relationship. Your wife being a little naughty helped. The fact that it turned you on is because you knew and saw that she was turned on. She probably knew you could catch her and it probably added to her excitement too. As long as you both are happy, and boundaries are good between you both!, then that's excellent congrats for figuring out what helps a long term marriage work. Cheers to you both

  • Woman are more empowered than ever these days, we see more and more females being exhibitionists, and it's very normal for monogamous marriages to have a little play like this to spruce things up. I'm sure your wife knows if you knew it would turn you on she was giving a little flash to truckers, and it also gets her hot as well. This is not uncommon amongst long term marriages, and it actually bonds the two partners in most cases.

  • SOOO hot when a wife or GF flashes truckers on roadtrips...esp if she knows your on board and actually help set it up. I would tell her how hot you think it is and ask how you can help..mebbe the t*** come out as well.

  • I am a b*** man, but would love it if my wife did that.

  • When in relationships, both persons involved fantasize about s** with other people. Both you and your wife were turned on. She had great s** with you physically, but mentally she was banging the fantasy in her mind. Like most women, they get bored more easily and lose sexual interest in monogamous relationships than men, so it could be an attempt to be faithful to you because she no longer desires you naturally - she knows all your faults and failures, even more so you may give her the feeling of being restricted. You cannot trust her, but you can keep her loyalty if you remain Alpha and never be predictable. I cannot believe that you waited until you got to the hotel to f*** her.

    Several years ago I worked security in a club and met this hot blonde who singled me out with the intent of f****** me. We flirted heavily for a while and did a line of Cola, and then I led her to the middle of the dance floor, lifted her skirt up (no panties) and f***** her right there while everyone was oblivious to what we were doing. The sexual experience itself wasn't the greatest, but the rush that we both experinced was out of the world. I never saw the blonde again.

  • Ooorr... perhaps she simply enjoys a bit of exhibitionism ... guys seeing her cooch...mebbe t***. nothing wrong with being playful..wives like that are truly a BLAST!

  • Let me see

  • Not much of a commitment if you let your wife do that, probably means she would also consider cheating on you. not sure what your into but it would make me feel inadequate and that she doesnt really love me.

  • There's always a raincloud in the bunch

  • Bet they had a convoy following them to their next overnight stop....

  • Nice! Truck Drivers need a little lift in their day too!

  • You found a great activity for the both of you. More happy days in the future.

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