A*** sec

I love to have a*** s** with women but they all don't enjoy it. Was wondering if I should find a man that loves it. Not into kissing men. But like to see them in black thigh highs and heel. Not into wigs and make up. Love for him to have a nice muscular butt. I would like to rim his a****** and slide my c*** in his a******. It must be much easier to f*** a guy in his ass. Maybe I'll try sucking his c*** or getting my ass f*****. I have been pegged before and enjoy it. Any suggestions?

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  • Why does she need to enjoy it. my gf does not enjoy it. She endures it.

  • My wife doesn't like it, but she lets me do it because she knows I like to hear her moan and groan, and she loves me. She's a real good woman.

  • Would love to bend u over while you wear black pantyhose

  • Ok I think I would like that to be in pantyhose with the ass opened. Getting hard thinking about it. Tell me more.

  • Would you like to lick my butt

  • I wouldlove to be dresséd ln ñylon and Hl heel shoes

  • Would love to see u in them. Love to see u walking around the house with your cute ass teasing me to bend u.over and take it. Reply

  • Love that

  • I would bend over for you to take my ass. I might need to be gagged as my a****** is very tight, I struggle to get my finger in there sometimes let alone anything bigger but I'm sure you could work my ass wider. I often wear stockings and panties but not tried heels before.

    You could definitely suck my c***, I'm a proper grower so I love to be sucked soft and then you can feel me grow several inches in your mouth. I'd f*** your ass while giving you a reach around if you like that.

  • I would like that

  • My master gags me and in a way that's better because I don't have to be quiet. I can scream all I like into the gag and it wont wake the neighbours. I have to wear a adult diaper for several days because of the leakage and usually a bit of blood. The kicker is that because he's worried about infection, he can't cane me if I have to wear the diaper so he will find some other way to inflict pain like whipping my t*** or making me wear a tack bra.

  • That sounds good I'm getting hard please tell me more b

  • I'm glad you're getting hard, grow that d*** ready to take my virgin a******. I'll start bent over, just wearing a bra and stockings and heels, my bare ass on display, my tight little a****** exposed for your tongue to explore first. Then spit on my a****** and ram you c*** in me. I don't deserve to be taken gently, treat me rough like I'm a cheap w****. How will you use me??

  • Iove to you tell me what to wear

  • I want u to wear black thigh highs high heels no panties and a short black skirt. I want u to walk around the house like that and tease me. Bending over crossing your legs lifting your dress showing me your butt spreading your cheeks open. I would love that. Then I'll take u in the bedroom, and make u my b****. Please reply

  • In that outfit, I better clean the floors on my hands and knees, follow me around the house, watch my ass as I crawl around. I'll then clean the top of the cupboards reaching high exposing my ass. As I go into the bedroom and lean over the bed, I'll take my time waiting to get penetrated by your c***.

  • Sounds hot would love to lick your a****** and then f*** u. I like you to f*** my ass while wearing pantyhose

  • Iove too

  • I'd love to play a women

  • I would dress you up real sexy and take u out for dinner. Then I'll take you home and on the way home start stroking u. I'll have u suck me while driving. Then when we get home I would take u into the bedroom and make u my women. I lick your butt and your c---- and then slide it in you. Please reply

  • Sounds hot wear black pantyhose and her heels

  • I would love too

  • Love to bend u over

  • Me too

  • Nice

  • Bend me over and rim me then slide it in. Love the thought of that. Tell me what you think.

  • I love r****** a******* sticking my tongue in and of your a****** and get it nice and wet then slide my hard c*** in your tight a******.

  • Tell me what else u want

  • Lie me on my stomach and lie on top of me and pound my ass

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